Dr Vernon Coleman: They Want To Give The Next ‘Covid’ Jabs Without Clinical Tests

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So this time they're admitting that the new jabs, if approved, will be experimental

Covid jabs

The Chief executive of BioNTech has told health watchdogs that they need to hurry up and decide whether or not to approve the new covid jabs for the latest strains of covid…. without first requiring clinical data

Yes you heard that right he expects a decision by the end of the month…WITHOUT NEEDING CLINICAL DATA!

As Dr Vernon Coleman points out they now want to jab people with the stuff without clinically testing it.

He writes:

I can understand vaccine makers wanting to miss out the old-fashioned, inconvenient bit of vaccine making called ‘testing’.

But what scares me most is the fact that thousands of doctors will give this jab – knowing that it hasn’t been tested.

And millions of patients will queue up to have it.

And why wouldn’t they?

After all, thousands of doctors gave the last covid-19 jab even though they must have known that it didn’t do what patients thought it did. And they must have known of the serious side effects (which I reported in December 2020).

And they ignored the protocol for experimental drugs by failing to tell patients all the facts about the jab.

I despair. I truly do.

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