Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”

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Putin says Soros is wanted "dead or alive"

Russia have officially declared that Billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a “threat to Russian national security”. 

Putin banned Soros from Russia last year due to the fact that Soros helped to nearly destroy the Russian economy in the early 1990’s.

Veteranstoday.com reports:

Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone said of Goldman Sachs six years ago:

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

“In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”

Obviously Soros wants to be like Goldman Sachs. Phil Butler puts it well when he says: “George Soros has a finger in every political pie there is. If there is a crisis on our world, it’s a safe bet he’s had a hand in it.”

One can say that Soros and Goldman Sachs are ideologically part of the same brotherhood. Their strategy is a little different, but the end result is the destruction of lives via the economic system (be it capitalism or socialism) and political manipulation.

That’s why Soros seems to think that he is invincible. He thinks he can move the political and economic planet in a few blinks of an eye and no one can tell him to stop. In fact, he writes books such as The Alchemy of Finance. Soros thinks he can kill political stability throughout Europe and indeed in America with no challenge.

Soros is certainly old, but he doesn’t want to be obsolete. His organization has recently been caught conducting covert operations designed to destabilize Russia. Here is an interesting quote from the leaked files of Soros’ Open Society Foundation:

“Our inclination is to engage in activities and with actors that will understand and counter Russian support to movements defending traditional values…Naming and shaming from us is problematic: we are also in the business of channeling money into other countries for political purposes.”

Now we’re talking! Now we’re seeing Soros’ true colors. All the talk about helping so-called Syrian refugees, about rescuing Ukrainians, about so-called “civil rights,” about bringing “democracy” in Russia, was a smokescreen.

According to Butler, this was all Soros’ own infection. Soros wanted to bring down Russia’s traditional families. He wanted to turn Russia into a zoo, but he had to use terms such as “democracy” to deceive the masses.

So, when Soros wrote last February that “Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis,” he was marshalling his own diabolical plan, which arguably is consistent or congruent with what the Khazarian Mafia and their lackeys have been doing over the centuries. In fact, the Neoconservatives like Noah Rothman of Commentary continue to sing the ideological tune that “Russia is not your friend.” Listen to Soros very carefully here:

“The leaders of the US and the EU are making a grievous error in thinking that president Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a potential ally in the fight against Islamic State. The evidence contradicts them. Putin’s aim is to foster the EU’s disintegration, and the best way to do so is to flood Europe with Syrian refugees.

“Russian planes have been bombing the civilian population in southern Syria forcing them to flee to Jordan and Lebanon. There are now 20,000 Syrian refugees camped out in the desert awaiting admission to Jordan.”

What was the evidence that Russian planes were deliberately bombing the civilian population? Well, the evidence could be found in George Soros himself. Whatever comes out of his mouth is the truth. No further investigation is needed. No rigorous testing is required. Soros is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. And if evidence points to the other direction, then the evidence must be rejected, not Soros’ own words. If Russia is still obliterating ISIS in Syria, then the information is false because Soros did not approve it.

Soros has obviously been making a fool of himself, and he seems to realize that he is more vulnerable than ever before because he is not acting according to the dictates of practical reason. In that sense, he is anti-reason. He aspires to fulfill ideological dogmas and disregard the truth at any cost.

It is probably true that Soros has been against the Israeli regime, but what he gives on one hand he takes from the other. It says on paper that he is against the Israeli regime, but it has been reported that Soros supported organizations which sought to remove Assad from power. We have to keep in mind again that the Israeli regime wanted to kick Assad out since the beginning of the Syrian war.

So, whether Soros liked it or not, he was indirectly supporting Israel’s crimes by supporting organizations which sought to oust Assad. If Soros really had aspired to do some good, he would have framed his political weltanschauung upon reason, not upon wicked ideologies which ended up ruining one country after another.

As we have indicated elsewhere, George Soros proves himself to be an agent of the New World Order by going after Russia, the very country that has been obliterating ISIS in Syria. ISIS has been using chemical weapons in the region, and no one, not even Soros, has said a word about this.

Russia obviously had enough of this man and eventually forbade him to enter the country. They eventually called him and his subversive organizations a “threat to Russian national security.” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said similar things. F. William Engdahl argued last January that

“George Soros, the hedge fund speculator turned self-proclaimed philanthropist, and his tax-exempt foundations, are an integral part of that pre-emptive war machine.”

He is obviously right. Thank God Russia was more than willing to kick Soros out of the country. Thank God Putin was willing to act. Thank God for Russia, which is still shaking the very foundation of the New World Order and political Satanism:


  1. Mr Putin- “they are a threat to the planet” he and his twisted ilk. Rotchld,rockfellers,scherf,nazi queen,pope,black pope,clintons,I’m sure you know the list.. Big Bounties to save the planet. Let’s Get-R-Done,,

  2. Putin is right – get them all (we need to reduce the world population just the way they want to do to us , so use them & their families as a start

    • What’s Bullshit? You think your government tells you the truth? I think you better stop reading so much liberal junk. You need to educate yourself. I use to like you.

    • Poor baby think Obama and Killary always tell him the truth. I mean did you take the time to read the DNC or George Soro’s leaks? Don’t worry buttercup your Country thinks your special. Do honestly think the government cares about it’s people? Their nothing wrong with having a positive outlook. Whats wrong is you being delusional? Soro’s has bankrupt 5 Countries I think and is wanted in all countries. Our luck he’s behind Obama n Clinton. Only America would let a Criminal like him stay here. Wake Up Sunshine

  3. Finally someone with some balls that will get rid of the Globalists = Bilderberg Group = New World Order = EU. These are the same people that have started all the wars along with the dirty US politicians – which we can now name.  Let’s clean up this world and get rid of the scum…

  4. This is one of the main reasons Trump is feared.Also, we need to broom clean this country of any and all like soros.I’m curious as to how those nazi hunters missed this guy.

    • Trying to survive by constantly taking more land and homes from those pesky non Jews that live in the West Bank?  

    •   “Utter”, you say???   1.  USS Liberty  2.  “We CONTROL the USA and they KNOW it!”  Netanyahu   3.  9-11  (SilverFISH KNEW, as did his compatriots (dual citz) in Tel Aviv…and THIS just the TIP of the proverbial ‘berg…heh heh, get it?  B e r g???   A leetle yoke dere…

  5. Mr. Putin, you have the support of many Americans who are disgusted by the Soros and other power hungry bastards who derive their wealth by criminal plunder, manipulate currencies and information, buy politicians, rig the system and election process, seek to curtail constitutional freedoms and people’s rights, conspire to destroy national sovereignty across the globe, among with a myriad of other crimes against the people of this planet – all to feed his ego and marshall in a new world order where the people are reduced to mere peasants. Thank you for taking action while our democratic candidate for President takes his money and sells us out.  

  6. some  of those statements actually sound like Obama and Clinton’s role in the mess in the middle east.

  7. OK, WHERE’S the friggin’ L I N K that Putin wants that Khazarian b*st*rd, dead or alive???  No link, I call BS….

  8. How great the world has one great leader at least. Vlad Putin. A great man, he sees vermin and does things about it. Any western leader any good? None of the useless bastards.  All the western leaders seem to be doing is telling us how wonderful islam is, how many more times does moslims say they want to kill us? There is too much emotional blackmail going on,         so much leftist shit.

    • Sanders and Corbyn are needed in poll position to run the west.  Almost all the rest should be put out of our misery

  9. Look up George Soros on YouTube. HE WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT HIS SLEEZY SELF! Despicable wanna-be human! Went out of his way to HURT Jews and HE IS JEWISH HIMSELF. Collapsed economy of 4 countries, devastating the lives of MILLIONS of PEOPLE and he did it FOR SPORT and laughs about it! Funded Occupy Wallstreet and Black Lives Matter. Gives MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS to these sleezebag groups! What a piece of SHIT this guy is! He is obama ‘s BEST FRIEND! Surprised? I didn’t think so!

  10. A lot of us US Citizens totally agree with you, Putin and are trying like hell to block
    Obama. Clintons; New World Order PLot. Time for the elite to meet their maker, They have destroyed enough countries and now want to destroy US citizens along with our corrupt criminal Government in bed and taking millions from these dogs. When Soros , Obama and Clinton helped plo the murder of 5 Dallas Police Officers and wounding 12, it is time to call for his arrest along with all of Officals involved in our government. Treason against the US citizens is the last fucking straw. Lets turn their plot against them and destroy them before they finish us off! May Russia  and The United States of the People be Great again, Off with their heads!

  11. Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”
    Владимир Путин: Жоргж Сорош се тражи “жив или мртав”
    Владимир Путин: Джордж Сорош требуется “живыми или мертвыми”
    Vladimir Putin: George Soros se traži “živ ili mrtav”
    Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”
    Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”
    Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”

  12. Once again Vladimir Putin makes a positive mark in History. He will be remembered as the Savior of Western Civilization. Let this bounty on the Jew Killer Soros be collected soon. Let Vlad destroy ISIS and the Islamists who support ISIS. Amen. 

  13. Mr Putin we are behind you
    Many of us Americans agree with you 
    I’ve always admired you and wish we had a strong leader like you
    We can only hope that Trump will get elected and work with you 

  14. Soros is being intellectually dishonest… It is the US that should be castigated for not destroying ISIS…the trucks carrying oil from ISIS  controlled areas,to turkey, in convoys, have been sitting ducks for bombers, even drones, but did the US even once bomb them? Or use its considerable expertise with drones to target the ISIS leadership? No, it goes along with Saudi Arabia that Assad is the greater enemy….than when the Russians started bombing ISIS,  SUDDENLY the US wakes up and pretends to want to destroy ISIS….

  15. George Soros, es un judío hijo de puta, que al igual que sus hermanos de sangre internacionales, han arruinado países a lo largo de la historia. Rusia, ya fue víctima de estos judíos, disfrazados de bocheviques y usando la mampara socialista y comunista, para amazar una gran fortuna, a cambio de montones de cadáveres, miserias, sufrimientos y torturas de todo un pueblo, en manos del chacal más sanguinario, que lo fue Josef Stalin, cuarterón judío que puso de rodillas a ese noble país. Los judíos, pagarán en el futuro muy caras todas sus fechorías en contra del mundo.

    • Usted es un AntiSemita e ignorante de la historia. Esta cegado por su odio. Soros es un tipo que odia al Pueblo Judio… . A pesar que hubieron Judios en el movimiento ‘bolchevique’ y comunista, esto no hace que fueran una mayoría ni mucho menos que amasaran ‘fortunas’. Los que apoyaron a los comunistas lo hicieron por motivos ideológicos y para escapar el antiSemitismo de los Tsares. Yosef Stalin fue un seminarista Cristiano Ortodoxo que también odiaba a los Judios. El mato a muchísimos directamente o mandándolos a Siberia. Tipos que odian tan ciegamente como Ud. son los que pagaran sus ‘fechorías’ como lo dice la Biblia.

      • Pues entérate mejor; yo no odio a los judíos que residen en Israel ni a los que laboriosamente contribuyen con el desarrollo de la humanidad. Es al judío internacional, el capitalista, el explotador y el infame al que va mi odio y mi repudio. Lo anteriormente expresado por ti, es lo que denota la supuesta ignorancia que quieres achacarme a mí.

  16. Soros is a true Communist Jew! Jews invented communism! That is a fact that cannot be argued!

    “Communism and internationalism are in truth and in fact great virtues. Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”

    Harry Watan, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New
    York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 80

  17. “If the tide of history does not turn toward Communist internationalism … then the Jewish race is doomed.”

    George Marlen, Stalin, Trotsky, or Lenin (New York, 1937), p. 414

  18. “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”

    The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11

  19. “The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism”

    Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix

  20. Karl Marx, who came from an old family of rabbis and brilliant
    Talmudic scholars, was to point the path of victory for the

    L. Rennap, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question (London, 1942), p. 31

    “Among his [Karl Marx’s] ancestors were Rabbis and Talmudists, men of learning and keen intellect.”

    Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206

    “The peculiarly Jewish logic of his [Karl Marx’s] mind”

    Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206

    • Karl Marx’s father converted to Christianity. Karl himself hated Jews and was ignorant of Judaism . He did not know Torah or Talmud. His logic in many of his writings is simply tautological and directed in his mind to help the victory of the ‘proletariat’.

  21. “Soviet Russia has declared war on Christianity, and on those who
    profess this faith. In the Russian villages today Bolsheviks and Herbert
    H. Lehman . . . were called the ‘secret government of the United
    States’ and were linked with ‘world communism.’”

    Dr. Louis Harap, in Jewish Life (New York), June 1951, p. 20

  22. Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”

    Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

    • Soros is the furthest thing from Judaism. He hates Jews and Israel. He started his career by helping the Nazis take away Jews’ property in Hungary. He is just plain evil!!

  23. “Judaism is Marxism, communism”

    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an
    Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of
    the Jews, 1939), p. 64

    “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”

    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an
    Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of
    the Jews, 1939), p. 143

    “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”

    The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11

  24. “Russia have”? Russia is a singular proper noun and the sentence should begin with “Russia has” and should not include another reference pronoun “their” because, once again, Russia is singular, so it must be referred to as an “it” or a “she”, but not “their”. Go back to school, I’m really sick of ignorant people publishing news.

  25. George Soros is not Jew, just “Jewish”. Why is it that speaking against Jews is depicted by our “good” and “most trustworthy” “Friends”, or “The Media”, as “Antisemitism”? It is actually based on facts that the “Jewish” people have been playing with very dangerous Cards, manipulating, taking ownership of many big companies, and even roughly 96% of the Media! The other 4% are the Countries that you are being taught to hate, and go to War against.
    Call this bogus, but in the Age of Information, Ignorance is a choice, if you dont wanna Look this stuff up, then don’t, Knowledge and the Truth is found, definitely NOT given to us, the Internet (might) have even been the creation of Thoth for a selective few Original people to understand, most of the white men are already too manipulated that they dont understand the internet, instead they call it stupid. And Now they wanna censor our Internet?! by claiming that the Internet is spilling “Fake News”?The Internet is Talking more than it should! Like what my main man V-21 down in the comments said at the end of his comment, THEY will pay very dearly for the oppression of the Original men on Earth. Those of us who have been looked down upon by the lies of Charles Darwin, claiming everyone came from monkeys, so that the ignorant white man can have a new nice little name to call colored folks, oh and Charles Darwin was Jewish… I dont say Jew because calling a man a “Jew” is ignorant, a Jew is a person (noun) and I cannot speak on behalf of that Person, Jewish is adjective, I dont know if these “men” are really Jews, but the belief system they follow is Totally Jewish. SO WE MUST describe them as the adjective not the noun. Now you can sit here and call me Antisemitic, or you can Be the man to do his research…. Remeber the key is, Believe Half of what you read, And NOTHING you Hear. Peace Brothers and sisters! the Time is extremely close and We must unite to eradicate, the REAL threat of NOT the Country, but the Planet.

  26. I’ve never been to church in my life. I beleive in “the creator ” god Yeshua . Every single night since failed impeachment debacle., I e been praying that these people behind covid scamdemic and crooked governors are held accountable for their acts in the pandemic. Then nearing end pray that Soros is taken away to face his crimes against humanity

    • Jewish Messianism has been spreading its venomous message for almost two thousand years. The communist and democratic universalism are a thing of recent times but have only come to reinforce the old narrative. These two are the same ideals.

  27. The wrong side won two world wars . . . We would not have problems with Russia and China if the USA had helped Japan and Germany. Europe has been under occupation since 1945 . . . What has NATO done lately to defend Europe? Absolutely nothing . . . They are facilitating the invasion of Europe with Third World trash . . . My enemies are in Washington DC, Brussels, and in Tel Aviv, not Moscow . . . HEIL HITLER.


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