Dublin Hospital Is Admitting A “Worrying” Number Of Double-Jabbed Patients With Covid

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Dublin hospital

St Vincent’s hospital in Dublin, Ireland is admitting a “worrying” number of double-vaccinated patients for covid-19 treatment, the head of the emergency department Professor John Ryan has said.

He emphasised that just because people are double-jabbed does not mean they are immune to the virus.

“Right now, we’re seeing a significant number of breakthrough cases,” the professor said.


  1. The science is overwhelmingly proving the vaccines cause covid mutations and are deadly .Its everywhere all over the honest I internet. Scientific evidence clearly probing it Everyone can find it Every Health Minister Every President Every Prime minister. Every Judge .

    • A better argument is that the efficacy of the vaccine is diminishing and a booster shot is appropriate after 6 months. You will note that although infections are slowly on the rise in Ireland, even a month later the number of deaths are not. Whereas, back in December of 2020, infections increased rapidly and so did deaths a month later. The implication is that the antibody load in a growing number of people is insufficient to prevent more serious symptoms, but still enough to prevent a patient’s death at this point. The number of deaths will increase as the antibody load continues to drop in the over 65 population. Booster shots are clearly appropriate, but they will not be fully effective until 30 days after the shot was received.

      The issue about the vaccine creating variants is valid and it should continue to be investigated. So is the issue regarding antibody-dependent enhancement. For those reasons I would argue limiting the vaccine to only immune compromised people and people over the age of 50. But the mortality rate for people over 65 justifies taking the risk of the vaccine shot.

  2. The actual story is behind a paywall, so who knows what the facts are? Stop using paywall articles for sources because we can’t verify them.

  3. They’re not in the hospital for covid , they’re in the hospital for vaccine injury . Viruses are dead cell particles not contagious living creatures . Look up the work of dr Andrew Kaufman , dr Tom cowan , and dr Stefan lanka . The germ theory is a multi trillion dollar fraud

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