Armed Antifa Terrorists Create New ‘SSPAZ’ Rebellion in Portland

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Armed Antifa terrorists create SSPAZ in Portland

Armed Antifa militants are now attempting to create a new version of the CHAZ rebellion in the city of Portland following a series of violent clashes targeting American patriots and Christians.

Far-left domestic terrorists affiliated with Antifa were seen demanding documentation from locals on Sunday night, attempting to act as de facto border guards for the “Salmon Springs Park Autonomous Zone.”

When they were snubbed, the far-left terrorists deployed chemical weapons against a journalist documenting the street tyranny. reports: The rebellion attempt follows public beatings on the part of ANTIFA against Christian preachers and groups. SSPAZ represents an attempt to recreate the failed CHAZ insurgency of Seattle, in which leftist militants seized an area of the city’s downtown and kept out first responders and police, even as victims of violent crimes were left to bleed out on the streets.

ANTIFA militants present for attacks on Christian groups have appeared armed with SKS and AR15 rifles, raising the question of possible terrorist attacks on political dissidents in the notorious left-wing garbage fire of the city. Portland Police have announced a “hands off” policy in the wake of ANTIFA violence, giving the street terror organization free reign to enact assaults against those that oppose them.

Following Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne, even Democrat officials in the city of Portland have tired of the militant group, attempting to sweep the embarrassing criminals under the rug out of fear for the city’s reputation. Militants have been seen expressing death threats against journalist Andy Ngo in the occupied zone.


  1. The hammer and rhe scythe are old symbols from olden days as is their real meanings .” Nothing is what it seems “QE2.

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