Watch: Illegals Caught After They Found Out They Couldn’t Scale Trump’s Border Barrier

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The Border Patrol in San Diego has released video footage of Mexicans attempting to scale over the new border barrier and failing.

The Border Patrol in San Diego has released footage of illegal aliens trying to scale President Trump’s new border barriers and illegally enter the United States — and then being arrested by US border patrol before they could flee back to Mexico.

This video is nothing but a win for the Trump administration because it shows that despite Democrat claims to the contrary, the border barrier is needed and — most importantly — it works.

Over a week ago, the Border Chief said 300 miles of border will have a wall before the 2020 election. Democrats have said there is no border crisis and we don’t need a wall but many Americans can see the videos and documentation and make an informed decision for themselves.

Baxter Dmitry
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