Depopulation: Klaus Schwab’s Advisor Asks ‘What To Do With All These Useless People?’

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WEF's Yuval Noah Harari imagines a world where algorithms will know if a child is gay before they do

The most important question the global elite must answer in the coming decade is “What to do with all these useless people?” according to the lead advisor to World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab.

The admission by Yuval Noah Harari further confirms the fact that the global elite view ordinary people as useless eaters and harbor a desire to cull, or depopulate, humanity.

Harari, who serves as Schwab’s lead advisor, has been praised by the likes of Barack Obama, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and fellow depopulation-fanatic Bill Gates, who reviewed Harari’s recent book on the cover of the New York Times Book Review. Harari’s book went on to be a Times bestseller.

Gates was no doubt impressed by Harari’s claim that “Covid is critical” because it “encourages people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance.”

No longer content to speak to the elites at the annual WEF summit in Davos, Harari is now spreading his dangerous ideas to massive audiences as a regular speaker at Stanford, TED and TimesTalks.

The man who whispers in the ears of the global elite is becoming a mainstream phenomenon, shaping the opinions of impressionable liberals around the world.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. IMO, the whole covid lockdown was to make a list of all the nonessential jobs and people. They took inventory on who needs to be eliminated in the future.

  2. The worthless people are the globalists. They are not firefighters, nurses, service workers, cops, soldiers, marines, etc. Therefore, globalists are totally useless and are taking up our valuable O2. As worthless as tits on a boar hog. As low as a maggot. Go off yourselves!


    • Jeff, I wished somebody with balls in the US or Russian Military would have sent a few cruise missiles in to the WEF meeting they had, that would have solved a lot of problems.

    • Most doctors are drug pushers and toxic injection givers and nurses are their assistants . Cops are foot soldiers for the oppressive state

  3. They could just leave us useless eaters alone, along with our land, homes, jobs, money–they all can go to a far away land and live happily ever after

  4. The more germane question is what do we do with all of these neocon globalist ((parasites)) and their fake-liberal, jackass lickspittle? They certainly have nothing to contribute to society, and are actually detrimental to civilization.

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