ISIL rooted in US-Israeli intelligence

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As President Rouhani of Iran addressed the UN a week ago, the world had changed.

US President Obama had opened a door, one ignored by activists and the armies of professional naysayers of the propaganda organs.

The current situation, pure and unadulterated chaos, has created threats and opportunities, a time for leaders to lead, thinkers to think and the stupid to go home and run their heads into the wall.

If ISIL is an enemy, one Veterans Today asserts has its roots in US, Israeli and Saudi intelligence, a message reflected by President Rouhani, what America says now, what it suggests, has to be tempered by the inescapable reality that ISIL/ISIS is a chimera or as this author has described it, a “witches brew.”

Constructive engagement with ISIL/ISIS seems, thus far, to be impossible.

What we must also confess is that there is little quality intelligence about them.

I met with Sunni leaders in Iraq in January, discussing the threats posed, postulating what I expected, which has come to pass with uncanny accuracy.

There is a reality of ISIL/ISIS that surpasses its roots, Saudi and Qatar cash, Turkish misdeeds, Israeli plots and American right wing extremism.

Similarly, those in Iraq who, in January 2014, sought to both use and control ISIL/ISIS as leverage against what they perceived as an unbalanced Shiite controlled Baghdad regime, are key to understanding what is happening now.

If there is a massive upsurge in power in ISIL/ISIS, it is from Iraq, the disaffected Sunni’s the Baathists, the old Republican Guard, top quality military “thrown to the wind” out of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld blindness and insanity.

ISIL/ISIS needs to be addressed but there is a nasty reality recent history has taught us.

They are unlikely to listen until leverage is applied. Toward that end, the US has been remiss in use of air power, the “shock and awe” that has killed so many, so many innocents certainly, on behalf of causes any sane person recognizes as pure evil.

Can America murder for good as well?

With ISIL/ISIS at war against civilian populations, the Kurds of Syria and Iraq in particular, whether you believe press reports or not and “not” is always best, they have set the rules.

Until the US moves toward, initially, 500 sorties per day, moving toward 1,500, with FAC (forward air controller) teams and coverage by 200 plus drones “on station 24/7,” there will be no engagement.

ISIS/ISIL is, by far, not the only “wrong” in the region.

Current behavior by primarily Israel and Turkey requires a strong investigation that may well lead to sanctions against both of them.

Neither have the leverage they once had nor are their locations of the strategic importance they once were.

The Cold War, those there are signs it may be reemerging, will go on without them without Egypt, just fine.

There has to be a nation by nation reassessment, starting with Libya.

Libya has to be secured, initially under the authority of the UN Security Council but including all active players in the region.

By that I mean that regional security should include Russia, always a popular and controversial assertion, but Iran and Syria as well.

Excluding key players is insane.

What has happened in Libya is being ignored by the press and is an embarrassing inconvenience for too many.

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia had massive air forces and much at risk.

A political solution in Libya, with partial Egyptian sponsorship and taking into account that several powerful corporations and banking groups have been “stirring the pot” in Libya will have to be addressed, perhaps with “prejudice.”

The Assad government in Syria has to be secured but under altered circumstances.

What legitimate opposition existed has been pushed aside by the flashy terror groups mysteriously drowning in cash and the promise of the Islamic version of “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” the non-public selling point for ISIS/ISIL.

As with Boko Haram, ISIS/ISIL takes brilliant advantage of religious dogma and conservatism, crafting its appeal based on promise of “temporary marriage.”

With generations of young men with little hope of a healthy married family life, the alternative of sexual misadventure under the cloak of loosely interpreted scriptural “voodoo” may well empty half of Europe’s Islamic population.

Syria is now the strategic lynch pin for American power in the Middle East, a nation the US has worked to destroy, a nation closely aligned with Putin’s Russia.

Nevertheless, stabilizing the Assad government, enabling realistic and sweeping reforms long needed and re-conquering territory under “unreliable” governance is vital.

Toward that end, US policy has to continue to “turn” toward reality, totally abandoning any idea of recruiting “anti-Jihadist Jihadists.”

As Dr. Franklin Lamb pointed out recently in an article in Veterans Today, any US recruit is likely to take his training and weapon and join ISIL at any point and, in fact, almost the entirety of ISIL/ISIS cadres were US trained.

Without the ability to fly over Syria from US carriers or even operate combat aircraft from Syrian bases, the US is greatly hampered in air operations.

There are only two armies in the Middle East, within practical reach of tactical aircraft that can be trusted to secure bases for air operations against ISIS/ISIL.

One is Syria. The other is Iran.

Iran is developing its own aerospace industry but should well have been offered the F 16C from the US in numbers simply out of American self-interest.

Iran has developed a massive self-defense force, a powerful missile capability and a strong and capable military leadership and has done so within purely defensive guidelines.

What this has created, something recognized by the US as early as 1953, when the CIA choose to turn Iran into a US colony, is a requirement in the Middle East for Iran to have a strong stabilizing role.

This requires a quick settlement of nuclear issues and a recognition on behalf of those of moderate sanity that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has, since around 2003, been dominated by Israeli intelligence.

The Agency’s work is vital and, as long as we allow it to go on as it does today, staffed with spies and half-trained amateurs, we are not going to be able to move forward.

The old staff of the IAEA and supporting groups are still around, top nuclear weapons designers, who are capable of guaranteeing Iranian compliance and who, if pushed hard enough, will agree to “look the other way” over Israel’s flagrant violations of nuclear non-proliferation issues and the threat they pose to world security.


I see no solution at this time other than the US relocating at least two air wings and 5 aircraft carriers for operations against ISIS/ISIL along with at least 500 drones.

The result of these actions will lead to the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

In each case, Libya, Syria and Iraq, efforts to redress the needs and desires of those who chose ISIL/ISIS must be recognized.

As President Goodluck Jonathan had recently pointed out in regard to Boko Haram, “these are our children we will be killing.”

What is recognized, however, is that a war is afoot, blame can be shared widely, but along with “shock and awe,” there must also be redress of grievances.

Relations with Iran have to be normalized and Iran has to be convinced to assume a stabilizing role within her position as leader of the Non-Aligned Movement.

The covert war on Iran has made all of this possible to the extent that the hand of America’s extremist neocon-Zionists is more than visible here, the Ukraine, across Africa and elsewhere.

You will find them in Libya as well, behind the scenes at every turn.

It is for President Obama, Secretaries Kerry and Hagel and General Dempsey to stand against the McCain, Romney, Cruz, Netanyahu, Rothschild cabal and stop what anyone can clearly see, the embers of a world war fanning into very real flames.

Article By Gordon Duff /Press TV (Source Link)

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