GOP Lawmaker Introduces Resolution to Fire Nadler For “Attempted Coup”

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Republican lawmaker introduces resolution to eject Nadler as Judiciary Chairman

Rep. Lance Gooden has introduced a resolution to eject Rep. Jerry Nadler as Judiciary Chairman for shamelessly breaking House rules on impeachment proceedings.

Rep. Gooden called the desperate efforts by Democrats an “attempted coup” and introduced a resolution that “would formally recognize the illegality of impeachment proceedings,” arguing that authorization from the full House is needed before the Committee launches impeachment proceedings.

“In recent days Democrats have sanctimoniously declared their allegiance to the rule of law. I encourage them to follow those rules and hold Chairman Nadler accountable for breaking them,” Rep. Gooden said in a statement.

“By law, he may not launch impeachment proceedings until the full House votes for him to do so. This attempted coup against a duly-elected, sitting president is unprecedented and must be stopped. I urge the Majority to move immediately to have him stripped of his chairmanship and that any accomplices on the Judiciary Committee not be considered as a replacement.” reports: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced earlier this afternoon that the House of Representatives launched a formal ‘impeachment investigation’ into President Trump over a Deep State Trump-Ukraine whistleblower hit.

In July, Rep. Al Green’s articles of impeachment was dead on arrival because the Democrat-controlled House voted to kill the resolution.

332 “Yeas” to 95 “Nays” to kill the impeachment resolution so Nadler and Pelosi went around the House rules to launch an impeachment investigation to harass Trump.

Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday in a statement asserted that Trump violated federal law. “The president must be held accountable; no one is above the law,” Pelosi said.