Jail For Mother Trying To Save Son From Being Circumcised

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Being Circumcised

A mother who tried to save her son from being circumcised at the hands of the boy’s father was arrested and jailed in Florida.

The mother had gone into hiding with her 4-year-old son earlier, after losing a circumcision court battle with the father. The brave mum considers the circumcision operation a violation of her son’s rights. She was jailed for the better part of a week for her conviction.

Some people believe the ancient practice of male circumcision is an unnecessary act of violence on impressionable young males, which could cause psychological disturbances in their later life, with acts of mental and physical violence. It is not an experience easily forgotten, no matter how young the male subject of circumcision is.

Newser reports:

Heather Hironimus went into hiding with the boy after losing a court battle over the decision to the boy’s father, but she was arrested Thursday at a domestic violence shelter.

Being Circumcised_Heather Hironimus
Heather Hironimu

The boy is now in the custody of his father and remains uncircumcised for now. The dad’s attorney’s promised to give the court 10 days’ notice before the procedure takes place, reports the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

Hironimus, however, is still fighting to stop that from happening. Her attorney made the case in court that the operation is dangerous for the boy, saying he doesn’t respond well to anesthesia, and that it’s a violation of his rights, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The judge sounded skeptical, considering that the matter already has been decided. “So you want me to take a fresh look at what was already done by the state court?” he asked.

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