Jimmy Fallon Searches For Answers In Donald Trump’s Hair

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It has been quite an election. In a few hours America will choose a new president.

Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

The following video’s takes a look at some of the most funniest moments of the 2016 US Presidential election.

Sputnik reports:

Donald Trump’s hairstyle has long been the subject of numerous jokes, so it’s no wonder that the video of Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight’s Show on NBC, messing the presidential candidate’s hair clocked up nearly 9 million views on YouTube.

At the same time, the video of Fallon joking about Hillary Clinton’s health and her recovery from pneumonia attracted only a little over 700,000 viewers.

The members of the scandalous punk protest group Pussy Riot made a music video cum cautionary tale about what may befall the United States if Trump wins the election.

The authors of a popular animated sitcom The Simpsons also decided to make a statement by having a stab at the alleged attempts by Russia to influence the elections.

Trump’s wife Melania caught the media’s eye when it became apparent that a certain speech she delivered at the RNC bore a striking resemblance to the one delivered by Michele Obama to the DNC in 2008.

And an ordinary fly managed to become a meme in itself when it landed on Hillary Clinton’s face during the debates.

The insect became so popular that ‘it’ even started a personal Twitter account.

Hillary Clinton herself also managed to elicit more than a couple of laughs from the audience due to her somewhat goofy reaction at the balloon drop event at the Democratic National Convention.

And it should be noted that President Barack Obama also became the butt of numerous jokes made by his fellow countrymen all eager to evaluate his term in the office. There is even a video of the US President reading mean tweets about his performance as the head of state.

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