Is The US About To Deploy Nuclear Subs To South Korea?

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Is the US about to deploy nuclear submarines to South Korea?

Growing tension between North Korea and South Korea continues to mount, as talks between the two countries continue. 

According to Ministry of Defence, the US are considering deploying American B-52 bombers and nuclear submarines to the South Korean territory in an effort to support the military should talks with North Korea fail. reports:

“Our initial concept against North Korea’s provocations is deterrence,” Defence Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said.

“We will stand with a powerful war readiness position to deter North Korean provocations and, if provoked, will react harshly to the extent the North Korea would regret it,” he noted.

South Korea is also reported to have turned back about ten F16 aircraft fighters, participating in the drills in Alaska.

Joint American and South Korean drills generated the renewal of mutual threats between the neighbouring countries.