School Bans Child’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox As It’s Too Violent

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Parents were told their daughter’s lunchbox was too violent for school

wonder woman

A school has banned a child’s lunchbox because it features the comic book character Wonder Woman.

The school sent the girl home with a letter for her parents, explaining why they deemed the lunchbox to be inappropriate

Metro reports: According to Redditor twines18, who posted a copy of the letter and offending lunchbox on Imgur, the lunchbox contravened the schools dress code which states children aren’t allowed to bring ‘violent images’ into the building.

The letter states: ‘We have defined “violent characters” as those who solve problems using violence. Super heroes certainly fall into that category.’

letterBut despite much outrage on Reddit, twines18 pointed out that the child’s parents aren’t upset with the school. In fact, he claims they ‘find it more hilarious than anything.’

I would have thought aspiring to the likes of Wonder Woman (one of the only female superheroes) is a positive thing?


Reddit users also pointed out that the picture on the lunchbox wasn’t even violent…not like an image of Superman punching something or someone or Iron Man using his repulsor blasts. Wonder woman was simply holding her Lasso of Truth, which is never used as a weapon.

It seems the ‘real’ wonder woman was bemused by the incident too and even took to twitter!

What are your thoughts about this, isn’t this school rule a little too extreme?

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