Russian ‘Ultras’ Had ‘Battle Plan’ To Fight The English In Marseille

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A ‘Nazi’ gang known as the ‘Ultras’ allegedly had a ‘battle plan’ to attack England fans in Marseille at the weekend.

The ultra-violent Russian football hooligans used a website to co-ordinate their attack on English football fans before their opening match on Saturday.

According to The Daily Express :

The men, who call themselves the “Ultras,” are known to carry swastika flags and engage in horrendous violence, with many stabbings to their name.

Hundreds of men, who used a website linked to their gang, were involved in arranging the incident of mass disorder.

Scores of people were injured in the running battles in the street while police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds.

Two England fans were left fighting for their lives and more than 20 were rushed to hospital after the hooligans went out of their way to hunt down Three Lions fans in the port city of Marseille.

One man had a heart attack after being viciously beaten hours before the game on Saturday.

As well as letting off scorching red smoke bomb flares in the stadium, the Ultras used bottles, sticks and even knives to carry out their campaign of violence.

And they are still using social media as a rallying call for their sickening behaviour that bears all the hallmarks of the neo-Nazi movement.

The Ultras issued a written directive detailing how Russian fans could wreak havoc.

They also poked fun at England fans on their social media accounts by posting pictures of them attacking victims.

One picture, written with the caption “All Day in One Photo” shows a Russian fan kicking an England fan in the ribs on the stand.

In another picture two men are seen attacking one England fan who appears to be on his own.

Another extremely menacing picture with the caption “before yesterday’s fight in the port of Marseille” shows hundreds of pouring down the street.

The football hooligans have come under intense scrutiny over the past year thanks to their increasingly violent behaviour.

And as the Russian Federation prepares to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018, the issue of racism and xenophobia in Russian football is coming into the spotlight.

A 2015 report states the gangs congregate in groups known as “white wagons.”

And they are known to get on trains and attack people over the colour of their skin.

The FARE report added: “The spread of extreme right wing ideas among football fans is facilitated by the evident overlapping of the far-right political community with the ultras.”

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