Vatican: Jesuits Are “Spiritual Gatekeepers” Of The New World Order

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Jesuits are spiritual gatekeepers of the New World Order

Jesuits control the Vatican and are the real spiritual gatekeepers of the New World Order, according to former Bishop Gerard Bouffard. 

Bishop Bouffard of Guatemala says that the Vatican controls the Illuminati and the New World Order, overseen by the Black Pope, Jesuit Gen. Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach. reports:

Bishop Bouffard, who left the Church and is now a born again Christian living n Canada, based his conclusion after working six years as a Vatican priest, assigned the task of passing daily, sensitive correspondence between the Pope and the leaders of the Jesuit Order residing at Borgo Santo Spirito 5 near St. Peter’s Square.

“Yes, the man known as the Black Pope controls all major decisions made by the Pope and he in turn controls the Illuminati,” said Bishop Bouffard last week on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, at where archives of the startling statements can be heard in their entirety.

“I know this to be true since I worked for years in the Vatican and traveled with Pope John Paul II. The Pope takes his marching orders from the Black Pope as the Jesuits also arte the leaders of the New World Order, with the task of infiltrating other religions and governments of the world in order to bring about a one world fascist government and a one world religion based on Satanism and Lucifer.

“People can’t imagine how evil and how much destruction they have caused and will cause while, at the same time using the perfect cover of hiding behind black robes and professing to be men of God.”

Bishop Bouffard’s first hand knowledge of the evil lurking within the hierarchy of the Vatican and particularly the Jesuit Order confirms the testimony of other researchers, including Bill Hughes, author of the shocking books The Enemy Unmasked and The Secret Terrorists, as well as preeminent researcher of the Jesuit Order, Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins.

Besides painting a dark picture of the Black Pope in Rome, Bishop Bouffard claims the evil power of the Jesuits extends throughout the world, including solid infiltration of the U.S. government, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and major religious organizations.

Bishop Buffard claims the Jesuits act like the perfect chameleons, taking on the identity of Protestants, Mormons, Baptists and Jews with the intention of bringing about the downfall of America as well as bringing the country under a one world religion based in Jerusalem and under the control of their leader, Lucifer.

“I know first hand that the Vatican controls and monitors everything in Israel with the intention of destroying the Jews,” said Bishop Bouffard, adding the true purpose of the Jesuit Order is to orchestrate and control all leaders of the world in order to bring about a major worldwide conflict which will eventually destroy America, the Middle East and Israel. “They destroy everything from within and want to bring about the destruction of the Catholic Church, as well, in order to usher in a one world religion based on Satanism. This is also seen in the way priests worship in the Mass, actually worshipping the dead. Also, signs of Satanism are seen in many outward symbols, customs and vestments displayed by the Church.”

After his service in Rome, Bishop Bouffard spent time in Africa and Guatemala, rising to a position of power within the Church. However, with this religious power came affiliation and membership as a Freemason, becoming a 37 Degree Masonic member, something supposedly frowned upon in the Roman Catholic Church since, according to Canon Law, membership in a Masonic Lodge brings immediate excommunication.


  1. The immorality of the peoples is what makes all satan’s plans possible.
    Satan knows that the main goal is the destruction of morals, so people turn away from God and satan’s plans naturally set out.
    Sodom and gomorrah is now global, at least 90% of humanity is lost and condemned.

  2. In the soon coming Tribulation, the devil and his angels are cast down to earth where they set up a one world government, religion, and monetary system. Then they force everyone to comply or be killed. They will rule the earth for the last 3 1/2 hears of the Tribulation until Jesus comes and puts them to death and throws the rest in the lake of fire and then sets us His Kingdom on earth. This is what the Bible teaches. More on this at

  3. The people who did not agree with the teaching of the Catholic church and failed to believe that the Pope is God on earth were tortured in the middle ages. As example just one of the torture used was a wood wedge which was shove it up the victims ass hole and the wedge was spread open untell the ass holes were split open. There are many art woodcuts which show many of the practices such as this used by the Catholic Church.

  4. That was true under Pope John Paul ll . Now the Pope and the Black Pope are one in the same man….Pope Francis, the 666 man, the soon to be announced antichrist.

  5. course hey entered Russia China centuries ago .They took over the freemasons in 1961 and made the Queen their pawn “we are all disposable to them “They have been educating the western world teaching their lessons for 500 years starting with the inquisitions .

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