Ron Paul Calls To Abolish the FBI: ‘They Are Controlled by the New World Order’

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Ron Paul calls for the abolishment of the FBI

Ron Paul has called for the immediate abolition of the FBI, which he says he long been infiltrated by the ‘New World Order.’

After the illegal FBI raid and seizure at Donald Trump’s home this week, lawmakers and pundits have been talking about holding hearings concerning the FBI and implementing reforms at the bureau.

Former Congress member Ron Paul, though, says the only viable solution is to dissolve the corrupt agency once and for all. reports: Paul makes the case for terminating the FBI at the beginning of a Thursday interview with host Jackson Hinkle at The Dive. Paul and Hinkle then discuss several other matters including US antagonism toward Russia and China, as well as the future of the US dollar.

Watch Paul’s interview here:


  1. controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. we need to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and arrest the owners, try and convict them, and lock them up or better execute them.

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  3. Paul is spot on. The FBI has been corrupt since its inception and has been a serial abuser of constitutional rights since then. The Trump 25 plan must be implemented. It will gut the Deep State.

  4. I am curious why the bankers have not killed Ron Paul yet? Is he serving a purpose for them some how?
    They could have gotten rid of him decades ago. I wonder why they didn’t?

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