Alex Jones: I Was Sexually Abused By Hollywood Elite

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Infowars host Alex Jones claims he was "molested" by powerful Hollywood executives and says the sexual assaults were part of a "weird handshake ritual of dominance.”

Infowars founder and host Alex Jones claims he was “molested” by powerful Hollywood executives on “multiple occasions,” and that he feels the sexual assaults were part of a “weird handshake ritual of dominance.

I’ve had Hollywood producers grab me by the genitals, twice, and I’ve had them pat me on the butt many other times, and that’s why, one reason, I don’t go out there,” Jones said Friday on his radio show.

I was just thinking about it — I had suppressed it, I had repressed it — one other Hollywood producer, three of them, grabbed my genitals,” he added, as reported by The Washington Times.

Jones did not name those he accused of sexual assault, but did mention that he had considered one of them to be “a good person — one of the few people in Hollywood,” before the alleged assault.

Western Journalism reports: Film producer Harvey Weinstein is the the latest major Hollywood figure to be accused of sexual misconduct. Weinstein denies many of the allegations he faces, including charges from three women that he raped them.

But similar accusations have been made against other Hollywood producers and well-known figures in the industry as far back as the mid-twentieth century, according to Time Magazine.

While the recent allegations have come from female victims, Jones argued that assaulting women is a “secondary” act.

“Going after the women is only secondary and only to humiliate them. It’s really about men dominating other men, and its not even for the gay sex. It’s an act of domination,” Jones said.

He added that he felt the assaults were meant to test him, explaining, “It was like a weird handshake ritual of dominance to see what I’d do.

I guess it’s just something they do – they really will grab you and really not kind of hurt you, but squeeze you. I guess just to see what you’re going to do,” he said.

Jones has not made personal accusations of sexual assault before.

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