Don Lemon: ‘Cult’ of Trump Supporters MUST Be ‘Deprogrammed’ Before Election

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Don Lemon says cult of Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed ahead of November's election

Trump-hating CNN host Don Lemon has called for Trump supporters to be “deprogrammed” ahead of the November election.

The far-left host decried supporters of POTUS, likening them to a “cult.”

“If I had a real friend, who was involved in a cult, which I feel it is cultish behavior, I must try to help them,” Lemon said.

“And you only go so far until you say, until you reach bottom, I cannot deal with it. It’s like an addiction.”

“Until you reach bottom and you want help, I can’t deal with it,” Lemon went on.

Lemon then claimed he was once a republican when he was younger, before transitioning into a radical leftist.

“Here’s how I feel about this. I don’t care about whether you’re right or left. I’ve been right. I was a young, Republican. And left. I am an independent now. And I am an independent thinker, and I believe in reality. I believe in facts. I believe one plus one equals two. And so, when I am talking to people who, not are smart but, who think they are smart. There’s a difference between being smart and thinking you’re smart. Then, I have to — I got to let you go,” Lemon said.

He lies to people and they believe it,” Lemon said about Trump.

“And so, what is that? Cultish behavior. And I think a lot of people need to be deprogrammed, right now, before they cast their next ballots.”


  1. A entitled militant Queer and militant Black raving lunatic like Don Lemon-Party has less than zero standing to offer any advice to honest people.

    The privilege grubbing freaks of diversity need to be suppressed, not coddled.

  2. What a retarded moron Obviously a cult is built up over decades and passed from cradle to grave by generations of ” believers ” like his demonrats ,not in a couple of years .Typical hypocrite liar deceiver and dog of Satan.

      • Not the first of the Dems I’ve heard express this kind of attitude.


        TRUMP 2020!!

        You have been warned, America!!

        It may be your last chance!!

    • Vote for me. I’m not interested in money or sex. But I’m keen on hanging billionaires and those who slink under the title “philanthropist”. And who exactly benefits from your many gifts, hmmm? Dead children in Africa? Electronically modified humans worldwide? Fuck Technocracy!

  3. If had brains he would understand that the scientific medical industry is the biggest Cult on earth.We are seeing absolutely that we the people cannot ,CANNOT dare to defy their religious beliefs . That they are omniscient and we lost sheep needing their guidance and care .

  4. The problem with the left is they can never ever give examples , do they realize that everything Trump has said over the last 4 years turned out to be 100% true and EVERYTHING democrats have claimed turned out to be 100% false . I don’t think he does.

  5. Lemon may claim to be an Independent but that’s just another lie he’s promoting. And it’s interesting he says Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed; I’ve had people tell me for a long time that something seems wrong with him, like he’s been brainwashed.

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