Biden Says ‘There’s Going To Be Another Pandemic’

Fact checked

Biden said the quiet part out loud

Joe Biden

Following the FDA’S authorization of Covid vaccines for children under the age of 5, President Biden has been out and about promoting the jabs for toddlers and babies.

While discussing the subject on Tuesday, a reporter asked the president how many Covid vaccines the US had for children and how many children would be able to get vaccinated before more money was needed from Congress.

Biden replied that the US could get through at least this year….but then he said the quiet part out loud.

He admitted that more funding would be needed because there was going to be another pandemic.

He said: “We need more money. We don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s gonna be another pandemic”

Of course there is going to be another pandemic.

The Democrats can only win elections if they cheat with mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes.


  1. It says quite a bit about an administration has people wearing t-shirts at the press conference. Illegitimate presidency. Because the election was criminally rigged – there is nothing legitimate produced by the left and this administration. No-truth administration.

  2. China is buying up america anyhow and the baby( BOOMER printing)cover up warnin buffet is over right gref N?

  3. Our goverment spreds FEAR MONGING and sells off america for happy endings in china and a bong hit laced with crack same old same old native america via china walk about wants back america and will genicide the gencide NOW and again

  4. Every time I see that cadaverous, senile incestuous child molester I want to vomit. America has had garbage for presidents for a century but Biden is by far the very worst of them all. America finally has a president that it truly deserves.

  5. These monsters are not going to stop until Billions of us commoners are dead. Nothing will stop this until the people of this world wake up to the evil. Accept Christ as your saviour. But the time of turning the other cheek for the “rulers of this world” is over. we need a violent overthrow of all world governments.

    Sadly it wont happen. Only the Lions return can cleanse this foul place of the evil.

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