Gardasil Is Destroying Our Daughters And Nobody Cares!

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This is the cry from Gini Blesky, one of thousands of mothers worldwide whose young daughters’ lives have been devastated by the ‘side-effects’ of government-approved HPV vaccine Gardasil.

This is the cry from Gini Blesky, one of thousands of mothers worldwide whose young daughters’ lives have been devastated by the ‘side-effects’ of government-approved HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The much-debated vaccine, developed to prevent HPV (which can lead to cervical cancer) – given to girls around the world at around the age of 12 – has been in the spotlight for some time now, with stories popping up on social media and alternative radio networks and with no thanks whatsoever to the mainstream media.

As a journalist, mother and general truth-seeker, I’ve had a personal interest in this controversial vaccine for many years. When it was first introduced, I refused to let my teenage daughters have it, after I’d tried to research it and found nothing. My general feeling at the time was that the introduction of it seemed a bit sudden and I wasn’t altogether comfortable with that.

But it was while I was trying – and failing – to get the UK mainstream media to publish a story about the dangers of this vaccine that I realized that the refusal of the publications I approached to give it any exposure was a story in itself! So here I am…

Because of my personal interest in the story (by this time, I’d met several girls whose lives and families had been severely affected by illness after the jab and I’d discovered that two families I was related to had also been affected), I was keen to put out a warning. While many countries were working on withdrawing the vaccine due to the damage it was causing, other countries – the UK and US included – were stepping up the programme. In recent months, there’s even been talk of giving the vaccine to boys.

Mum Gini Blesky with healthy Mia shortly before she had the vaccine...
Mum Gini Blesky with healthy Mia shortly before she had the vaccine…

After two years of trying to place the stories about the girls I knew in the UK tabloids and magazines I usually work for, I asked some fellow freelance journalists if they could help. I was amazed at the reactions of the majority of them: the anger, the denial, the accusations of ‘conspiracy theorist’ which, as we all know now, is used as a generic insult hurled at anyone who dares to question official stories, government propaganda, conventional medicine and/or the ‘news’ as shown on TV or in the papers. (God forbid you should wonder about the shape of the earth!)

I hit brick wall after brick wall and was at the point of giving up, despite the fact that I was hearing about more and more girls being affected on an almost weekly basis.

Yesterday, however, after seeing the news story about environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Junior and Hollywood actor and anti-vaccine campaigner Robert de Niro announcing a $100,000 challenge to prove the safety of vaccines , my attention was drawn coincidentally to the case of 12-year-old Mia Blesky who, at present, is lying in a hospital bed in Hampshire in the UK. She is restrained because the spasms she now suffers mean she could be thrown to the floor at any moment. Her arms and legs are paralysed. She can’t feed herself. She can blink and speak and her brain is working fine, but her body appears to be going into meltdown.

Mia’s symptoms started the day after she had the Gardasil vaccination last September (2016). Since then, she’s been hospitalized six times and has spent a total of 11 weeks in hospital. The doctors have told her mother Gini that they know her symptoms have been caused by the vaccine but not a single one of them is prepared to go on record saying that. To anyone else who asks, they’ll just say they don’t know what’s caused Mia’s health to take such a serious nose-dive.

Some of the medics who’ve attended Mia have suggested she has mental health issues – because of her inability to feed herself, a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa has been bandied about! – and they’ve suggested to mum Gini that Mia should be sectioned. For any parent, this is the stuff of nightmares: a real-life horror movie.

Campaigner Freda Birrell of the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters, which to date has 387 members, says: “So many girls are being labelled as having mental health issues because tests cannot identify what is wrong – yet these same young girls did not show any signs of having mental health issues prior to the vaccine. I have been calling for a meeting on this issue with the UK Health Minister, the Minister who covers mental health and other politicians to discuss this in London. I was in London in November to discuss this in detail with politicians and did get support but now as always it is a waiting game.”

She goes on to say that the UK’s Department of Health must be made to realise that young lives are being destroyed, not only by the vaccine but by the fact that the girls are being blamed for something that is clearly not their fault.

Gardasil insert that comes with the vaccine. Doctor never show this to the parents or girls.
Gardasil insert that comes with the vaccine. Doctor never show this to the parents or girls.

As I mentioned earlier, I have tried and failed to get these stories out there via the mainstream media. While several feature editors found the stories of great interest, they were mostly rejected at editor level. They would need quotes, I was told, from medical professionals, GPs preferably, stating that Gardasil definitely caused the problems these girls were experiencing. To date, I’ve not been able to find a single GP who will agree to go on record speaking about the dangers of this ill-researched vaccine.

What I HAVE discovered, however, is that many doctors are happy to tell the parents of the injured girls that they DO believe the vaccine has caused the problem, but they then go on to say – without giving a reason – that they can’t give them this information in writing. It’s not surprising that doctors are reluctant to speak out publicly about the vaccine. For those who have done, there have been serious repercussions. Danish doctor Dr Stig Gerdes, for example, had his licence suspended because he was trying to help HPV vaccine injured girls.

As Gini Blesky explains: “We were told by a doctor that the HPV vaccine had triggered Mia’s current symptoms, but no doctor will officially diagnose this. It’s like they’re too scared to speak out…

Gini provides regular updates on Mia’s progress in the form of statuses and video diaries on her Facebook page and has just started up a GoFundMe appeal to pay for physiotherapy for her daughter.

These parents insist they are NOT ‘anti-vaxxers’ – as Gini points out: “If we were anti-vaccine, we wouldn’t have allowed our kids to have had the vaccinations in the first place” – and many still put their trust in the medical profession. It’s just this particular vaccine they have issues with.

I asked Gini Blesky – who only yesterday was at Mia’s hospital bedside, watching helplessly as her young daughter vomited 45 times in less than an hour and her little body jerking uncontrollably all the while – if she could choose a headline for this report, what would it say? What she told me is the headline of this piece.

If anyone wants an interview with Gini Blesky, please email

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  1. The terrible negatives of this crappy “vaccine” has been known for years. The corrupt rat former Gov. of Texas Rick Perry issued an executive order to require young girls in Texas get the vaccine. It was shut down. It’s very expensive, requires multiple shots, and there is strong evidence it doesn’t work, and causes a lot of harm. Beware these slimy politicians.

  2. NY, pediatrician wanted to vaccinate my son. I had heard stuff about this vaccine but didn’t pay too much attention having only sons. I immediately said NO. I was told they would ask me again at next year’s checkup his 12 yr. I said it is for girls! I was told they want boys to get it too. Still NO. I wonder what I’ll get in 6 months at the next visit.

    • Don’t go to the next visit. The more you stay away from the medical profession the longer you and your sons will live.

    • I asked her and she stated that her daughter became ill from a virus in 2015. The virus inhibited her ability to move/walk but she fully recovered from it.

      She then got the vaccine in September 2016 and that’s when the current illnesses started. She says she’s not anti vaccine, but does believe the vaccine had a negative effect on her.

      While this is unfortunate, these results are very rare. This link states that out of 67 million HPV vaccinations, there have been less than 30,000 reported complications. Most of the complications were minor.

      • She should have made that clear from the start not change or make up the story to suit. While Mia may have real issues, blaming the vaccine for pre-existing conditions is not the way to go about things. Gini has muddied the waters for her cause and for anyone considering taking the vaccine.

        • I agree that she was very unclear with the initial story. Several people were confused or thought she was scamming but the confusion may be due to the fact she’s not good at writing.
          I also agree that she should have been more forthcoming. Instead of “gardasil is destroying our daughters” it should be “The potential pitfalls of gardasil on compromised health”

    • I didn’t think it was recommended to girls at the age of 13. Many anti vaxxers believe vaccines “cause” things like Autism, etc when it reality the vaccines may have just kick started an underlying problem that would’ve surfaced anyway. Good luck to the little girl though!

    • It could be that she did not know at the time what had caused her daughter’s sudden downturn. Also, a virus in the brain would be correct, since the HPV virus from the vaccine would have crossed into her brain, causing neurological problems.

  3. This and all vaccines carry a risk of getting Guillain Barre’ Syndrome, and it is rare but a serious thing. Even flu vaccines carry greater risk of this condition. The minimal risk they believe is the lesser of the two evils. The diseases cost more lives than the Guillain Barre”. I , as a nurse, have seen both sides and it is a hard dicision to make, but I vaccinate mine. I know of two six yr olds who have died with whooping cough and measles, and believe me, I think I have to take the tiny risk of the complications than the more likely occurance of one of the diseases we vaccinate for.

  4. I googled newspapers in India and picked the top two. I then did a search for Bill Gates. A couple more drill downs and I came up with a signed (in the PDF) letter sent to the Prime Minister of India from 11 noted pediatricians. It’s a long letter, I suggest you start with the 2nd paragraph from the end. Then go back to the top and read the whole thing.

  5. I’m from the US and am unfamiliar with British lingo – what does “sectioned” mean? My heart goes out to all these girls and their families. I stopped vaccinating my children. I hope that more and more parents get on board.

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