Disturbing Video Shows Possessed Woman Snarling And Hissing

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Viral video shows possessed woman snarling and hissing

Disturbing footage of an exorcism went viral this weekend showing what appears to be a woman possessed by Islamic spirits known as Jinn. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube entitled, “It’s time for the truth”, with its uploader explaining that Jinn are “spiritual beings that can attack humans by order of Shaitan or Iblis, the equivalent of satan in Christianity”.

Mirror.co.uk reports:

It goes onto say that “a demonic possession and an exorcism or deliverance exercise of a woman victim of one of these evil spiritual beings is shown”.

Footage begins with the woman squirming as two men grip her, one by the wrist and one with his hand over her forehead.

One of the men starts reading from a religious text as the woman’s eyes intensify and she continues to writhe, hiss and bear her teeth.

The man lightly hits her on her arms and forehead as he carries on reading.

He then puts a lit match to her face, allowing it to go out before burning her once on the neck, forehead and chest.

After talking to her for a while, making her repeat phrases, he puts a glass of water to her mouth and makes her swallow.

About 30 seconds later she jumps from the sofa, hissing and chest lurching, before she drops back down and lays motionless with her eyes open.

She remains in the position until the end of the video.

The video emerges a day after another video was posted online showing the terrifying moment a delirious woman believed to be possessed by a demon spirit shakes violently as friends desperately try to calm her down.

The woman, named as Carmela, can be seen lurching backwards and forwards on a stretcher as her eyes roll into the back of her head.

Another person in the ambulance dressed in white and speaking in Spanish attempts to wake her by clapping and calling her name

But she replies in a hoarse demonic voice saying: “She is going to hell.”

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