Russia to counter NATO presence in Black Sea

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Russia to counter NATO presence in Black Sea

Russia’s envoy to NATO  has responded to a statement by US Naval Forces Europe-Africa who announced that the USS Donald Cook was to enter the Black Sea:

‘Russia has slammed the military presence of trans-regional powers in the Black Sea, saying Moscow is set to take counter measures against NATO’s mission in the strategic waters.

Aleksandr Grushko, Russia’s envoy to NATO, made the comments on Friday after the Western military alliance announced the dispatch of another US warship to the Black Sea amid the crisis in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the Black Sea is becoming a place where non-regional powers have a permanent presence. What they are doing there is unclear,” said Grushko, adding, “Of course, we will take the necessary countermeasures.”

The Russian envoy also condemned the military bloc for stationing high alert forces close to Russia’s borders by holding frequent war drills with countries including Poland and the Baltic states.’

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