King Charles EVICTS Prince Andrew From Buckingham Palace: “VIP Arrests Are Imminent”

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King Charles evicts Prince Andrew from buckingham palace as elite pedophile ring arrests loom

King Charles has evicted Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace as VIP arrests in the Epstein elite pedophilia ring case look set to happen soon.

The Duke, 62, will no longer be allowed to use the building for official or unofficial business. His last few remaining staff are also facing the axe. reports: In February, Andrew paid millions of pounds to settle a US civil sex assault case brought by Virginia Giuffre — while making no admission of liability.

He is recruiting a new communications team in a bid to rescue his tattered reputation and is now expected to fund his own staff.

A source said: “Any presence at the Palace is officially over.

“The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.”

It comes after Andrew’s treasured role of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards was on Wednesday gifted to Queen Consort Camilla.

The Sun also exclusively revealed that the Home Office this month stripped him of his £3million-a-year, 24-hour armed security.


  1. “Get out and take your teenage girls with you! Remove the all, don’t forget the ones in the basement, come along, wasting time”

  2. “…as VIP arrests in the Epstein elite pedophilia ring case look set to happen soon.”
    Translation: most of the ruling class of Britain will be wiped out, is my guess.

  3. If the royals had souls, they would not spend billions on their ego/pride/personal prestige, and would use it to wipe out all the poverty and misery of their British empire. They are not kings of the people they are servants of the Evil one: Lucifer and do his will alone, making poverty and misery for all their “subjects”. They all belong to the devil every one of them and dividing against Andy is just a show and smoke screen, he still takes part in their satanic rituals, as do Megan and Harry. The devil just wants you to think otherwise. It is all a staged con, everything the “elite and Royals do, that is posted to the public, in the media the devil owns and fully operates, all part of the con the devil is playing, making you fools, for their own profit. Very soon they will all be brought down and everyone will know they are all the soulless minions of the evil one destined only, for eternity in Hell. All their charity and everything they told you about Diana, is FAKE. She is still alive and one of them. They must present them as “angels of light” to keep you stupid. It is all a confidence game for the devil, everything the media tells you and everything they say of do is all a carefully scripted part of their Con. If you knew what they did in secret, you would throw them all out of England and very soon when the truth is revealed you will.

  4. The “royal” family highjacked history….grafted their name to royalty hundreds of years ago. They are fake. The true “royals” of this planet are the Mu, the Elders from Lemuria. The planet was highjacked by the vermin evil that were let in by John Dee among others. There are many layers to this story. Fascinating stuff if you care to go down the rabbit hole. Reads better than any science fiction novel and is true. Its all around us.

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