Dangerous Heatwave Coming to London, Paris, and Germany This Week

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A powerful heatwave is expected to hit western Europe on Wednesday, with France and England seeing temperatures soar as much as 38 C (100 F). 

The 2015 Wimbledon Championships may be temporarily suspended if temperatures get too high, and authorities are urging people to stay hydrated.

Accuweather.com reports:

Warmth will also surge to the north into England. Temperatures in London will soar into the lower 30s C (near 90 F) on Wednesday. High temperatures this time of year typically are closer to 21 C (70 F). In fact, the low temperature in London on Tuesday and Wednesday nights will not fall below the average high temperature.

The hot days combined with warm nights that are expected to prevail for much of the week in London and Paris will create dangerous conditions for those that are unable to escape the heat. People should make sure to stay hydrated and check on the elderly during this surge of heat.

The 2015 Wimbledon Championships began this week in London. Only one of the 20 competition courts has a retractable roof. As a result, fans and athletes will have to deal with the oppressive temperatures.

Brussels and Amsterdam will also have to deal with extreme heat from Wednesday into this weekend. High temperatures will exceed 32 C ( 90 F) for several days during this stretch of time.

While there will be a slight reprieve from the hot conditions across northwest Europe on Thursday, it will still be much warmer than normal. Temperatures will again surge higher later in the week and into the weekend.

Overall, the weather pattern across much of Europe will feature warmer-than-normal temperatures though the middle of July with only a few brief breaks from above-normal temperatures.

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