Alyssa Milano Says “I’m so Happy I’m A F**king Democrat”

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Usual Cast Of Celebrities Perform Cheerleading Duty for DNC Convention

Milano Biden

Alyssa Milano and other Hollywood celebrities used their social media accounts to try to whip up enthusiasm for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the first night of Democratic National Convention.

The usual cast of celebrities like Rob Reiner, Bette Midler and Cher took the lead in cheerleading duties.

Meanwhile actress and activist Alyssa Milano simply couldn’t contain her joy. “I’m so happy I’m a fucking Democrat” she declared on twitter.

Britbart reports: But other stars seemed to acknowledge that they had a clunker on their hands. TBS’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee tweeted that this was the “first National Convention to also feel like a PBS pledge drive.”

The virtual convention kicked off with a dose of Hollywood star power in the form of actress Eva Longoria, who tore into the Trump administration by saying that the last four years have left the country “diminished and divided.” The convention also featured celebrity assists from singers including Bruce Springsteen, Leon Bridges and the late John Prine, whose music helped to enliven the proceedings.

Alyssa Milano tweeted her joy of being a member of the Democratic party.

Rob Reiner also proclaimed his pride of being a Democrat, adding that the youth choir performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” gave him “chills.”

Bette Midler was impressed that the convention featured a reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Cher also gushed about the convention opener.

Singer Bruce Springsteen and E Street band member Nils Lofgren touted their own music that was performed during the convention.

Some celebrities seemed more excited about the musical numbers than for Joe Biden. Comedian Wanda Sykes tweeted her enthusiasm for Bruce Springsteen, while actress Piper Perabo was excited about Leon Bridges.


    • these democrats don’t realise that they are voting away ALL their wealth, freedom & life they have grown to love – how stupid can people be ?

  1. Typo…should read, “I’m so happy I’m fucking a DEMOCRAT!” Joe might hit her up for a hand-job, although in his case, a thumb and forefinger will be more than sufficient.

      • They dont rape children because they’re Democrats and most dem8crats dont rape children .But they rape as a class of people rape children because of ” FREEDOM OF RELIGION ” The freedim of relifuon that the UN made gl8bal sgortly after they had California set it off and so FACILITATE and Enable the creation of the Church of Satan .California ,the spanish, largely catholic state.

  2. Aging has beens still living in the past when republicans really ran Hollywood and were nasty They were too. They were the Bushs ,George senior who really was the one who organised the assassination of JFK and easily because he was in charge of the CIA security that day, and junior who will always be remembered reading fairy stories to children as 9/ 11 burned, and things like that. But after especially the Clinton Bush ” marriage ” the democrats descended into the pits and have just furiously dug deeper and deeper every day in every way .

  3. Yet another Hollywood Feminist bimbo that believes that honest people give a damn about anything she belches out of her wretched plastic hole.

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