Leaked New Zealand Gov’t Data Reveals Covid Vaccines Have Killed 10 Million People Globally

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WEF using New Zealand as a guinea pig to usher in a New World Order

New Zealand government data leaked by a whistleblower has revealed that at least 10 million people around the world have died as a direct consequence of the Covid vaccine rollout.

As the People’s Voice reported, Barry Young, a New Zealand government employee, leaked the explosive data from a top-secret government database, revealing that 20% of fully vaccinated New Zealanders have died since receiving their second jab.

New Zealand’s heavily vaccinated population (upwards of 95.8% and counting) has suffered an unprecedented spike in vaccine injuries and sudden deaths, in line with other heavily vaccinated countries around the world.

After the government data leaked by Young went viral around the world, the whistleblower’s home was raided by police acting on orders from the government. Young was charged with accessing a government computer for “dishonest purposes” and is now facing up to seven years in prison.

Following the release of the data, the New Zealand government is actively working to prevent its online dissemination.

Te Whatu Ora, the government’s health agency, has secured an injunction to prohibit the publication of the leaked data by Young. However, despite these efforts, the information has already spread worldwide.

Former prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who is now employed by the World Economic Forum in Davos, has not commented on the damning figures.

Among those scrutinizing Young’s published data is Steve Kirsch, a data expert and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF). On his Substack, Kirsch provides an analysis, cautioning that the data implies a global death toll of 10 million people.

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According to Young, the majority of individuals in New Zealand received Pfizer’s Covid shots.

Kirsch emphasizes that this information allows for an expansion of the data pool to estimate the worldwide death count. Confident in his calculations, he has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging anyone to dispute his findings with a substantial $1 million bet.

“I offered to bet anyone $1M on the same terms as my bet with Saar Wilf that the NZ data is legit and it shows the vaccines increase the risk of death,” Kirsch asserts.

“Nobody seems interested in taking my money, which means all of them have no confidence whatsoever in their criticisms.”

He also lauded the whistleblower, Barry Young, as an international hero for bringing the information to light.

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