Death Toll In Brussels Rises To 34 Following Explosions

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Death Toll In Brussels Rises To 34 Following Explosions

VRT the Belgian public broadcaster have said that the death toll  in Brussels has risen to 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on a Metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport. Around 151 others were also injured.

British prime minister David Cameron will chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee saying he was “shocked and concerned” after the explosions this morning.

Cameron said “we absolutely stand” with the Belgian people and that he has spoken to the Belgian prime minister, offering condolences and security support. He says the attacks could just as well have happened in Germany or the UK.

We face a very real terrorist threat right across the different countries of Europe and we have to meet that with everything we have.

Authorities have said that that more undetonated homemade bombs have been discovered within the terminal.

All flights have been cancelled and arriving planes were being diverted as Belgium’s terror alert level was raised to maximum, officials said.

There have been reports that two suspects were arrested by armed police just 1 mile (1.6km) from Maalbeek Metro station

According to the Mail Online :

At least two people in Brussels have been arrested this morning, outside the city’s North railway station, a mile from the Maelbeek subway.

Police and special forces are looking for known members of any terror cell who may be planning more attacks.

They will also round up anyone who may pose a threat to the public in an attempt to foil any more attacks.

Special forces are also patrolling the streets in case of more bombings or marauding gunmen used to kill 131 people in at least five Paris attacks in November 13 last year.

Britain and United States will already be playing a key role in trying to help the Belgian authorities work out who was behind the attacks.

Both MI5 and the CIA have stations in Brussels and its teams have ‘unique expertise’ that will help trace those behind the bombings.

Specialists will be scanning the phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and forums known to be used by terrorists.


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