Cher Still Feels Like She ‘Needs to Wear a Mask Outside’ Even Though She’s Vaccinated

Fact checked

Cher has revealed that she still feels the need to wear a face mask even though she has been vaccinated for coronavirus.

The Trump hating singer/actress was discussing vaccine hesitancy and life after lockdown with MSNBC’s “Deadline” Anchor Nicolle Wallace

Wallace asked Cher if life was back to normal for her. Cher replied, “Well, you know, I still feel like I need to wear a mask when I go outside. I just have that feeling”….to which Wallace reposnded, “Me too”

Brietbart reports: Cher said, “Yeah. I just feel — you know, and I’ve been vaccinated and all that, but I have that just little eh. I don’t know how long. But also I have to tell you something, wearing a mask is so cool for me. I get to go anywhere, and nobody knows who I am.”

While discussing donating a million dollars to a vaccination van,  Cher said, “You know what? I was afraid, too. I was a late vaccine -er. I was just like, ‘Oh, do I want to do this? Then I thought, well, you’re just so stupid. You have to do this.’ Then everybody I knew — I just took everybody that I knew and forced them.”

Wallace said, “There’s this comfort in numbers.”


  1. Well, we all know how smart Cher is. I am going to start wearing my mask everywhere. even when I am dumping in my own bathroom. never know what type of virus is going come out of your own butt.

  2. LOL, boys and girls clubs…that is where the hollywood elite get their sex toys. figures they would tie in to those organizations.

  3. Cher can’t even talk she has had so many face surgery’s. there is no air passing thru her nose.

  4. She is correct because:
    1) The vaccinated have a weakened immune system and shed virus onto others.
    2) The vaccinated are more likely to catch covid variants and other infections.
    3) She’s stupid, keep the mask on so we don’t have to hear her.
    I’d say she is doing the right thing!

  5. Shes not the sharpest tool in the shed but she married Sonny the Catholic italian and that made them both famous Shes nit really a very good singer ,in fact serious singers laugh at her singing abilities Shes a belter A mask s a good idea for her ,especially now shes almost 80 .

  6. On a more serious and REALISTIC
    note theres now evidence of Antibody Dependent
    Enhancement? emerging from covid just exactly as it did with SARS and MERS , ,with the majority of Covid deaths are now the fully vaccinated and A&E attendance is breaking records throughout England as ,possibly ,the vaccinated side effects are starting to kick in. Her masks not going to help her now that her dangers are all internalised .The public health figures can be found at The Daily Expose if your ISP or search engine will let you find them

  7. Good, the unvaccinated don’t want her cooties anyway, not to mention whatever poisons she is breathing and sweating out

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