Next Potential British PM Vows to Eradicate Wokeness: “Police Should Fight Crimes, Not Hurt Feeling”

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Next potential British Prime Minister vows to eradicate wokeness

One of the contenders to become the next British Prime Minister has vowed to eradicate wokeness and make police fight actual crime, rather than hurt feelings on social media.

Conservative Party leadership candidate Kemi Badenoch, one of the four remaining candidates to become the next leader of the UK, made the comments in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“The public rightly expect the police to deal with criminals, not to intervene in Twitter spats,” she promised. “My Government will ensure police resource is always focused on fighting crime on our streets.” reports: Badenoch promised to end the “onerous burden” of “policing of people’s hurt feelings,” an approach that significantly differs from rival candidate Penny Mordaunt, whose Bill Gates-endorsed book advocates creating a “[criminal] offence of stirring up hatred on the grounds of transgender identity.”

Badenoch also opposes the odious Online Safety Bill, which would punish legal but “harmful” speech, which would mean open season on banning ‘offensive’ opinions.

As we previously highlighted, a UK man was jailed for 20 weeks for the ‘crime’ of posting offensive George Floyd memes in private WhatsApp and Facebook group chats.

Last year, a 50-year-old mother in Scotland was charged with a ‘transphobic hate crime’ after she retweeted an image of a suffragette ribbon.

After contacting his employers, Humberside Police interrogated a man and told him to “check his thinking” after he posted a limerick that offended a transgender person.

Harry Miller told police he did not write the limerick and merely retweeted it, but was told by an officer, “Ah. But you liked it and promoted it. It’s not a crime, but it will be recorded as a hate incident.”

In 2017, it was reported that British police had arrested 3,395 people for ‘offensive online comments’ in the space of a year.

People in the UK are routinely investigated and sometimes charged by police for “hate crimes” that have become so broad, anyone form a minority group who claims they were offended is enough for authorities to treat and record it as a “hate incident.”

This is all occurring at a time when car theft have been “effectively legalized” in major cities and two thirds of burglaries aren’t even investigated.


  1. She’s ordinary as a box of OMO Just another political jack in the box puppet of a totally fraudulent system. .

  2. Galloway likes her. That’s in her favor. Note she’s not calling for stepping back laws on ‘incorrect speech’ only a change of focus.

  3. Back during ‘the reign’ of Obongo / Hold the grass’, I labeled them ‘DC Pigeons’, “perched above all the people on the street and crapping down on us”; Now we are being ‘jackass-ed” and they are in our homes where we are trying to eat & sleep – It is Finished

  4. Kemi Badenoch will never make it as she’s too honest. Besides, she probably doesn’t want a World War with Russia.

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