Mississippi Vows to IGNORE Unconstitutional Nationwide Lockdown Order

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Mississippi governor vows to ignore nationwide lockdown order

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has vowed to ignore any potential nationwide lockdown orders from an incoming Biden administration.

In a press conference on Thursday, Tate said that while the election results are yet to be determined, the state would not shut down its economy again, even if mandated by the federal government.

“We are not going to participate in a nationwide lockdown,” Tate said, adding that closing the economy for six weeks would be “totally and completely beyond reasonableness.”

Fox8lives.com reports: He went on to say that he hopes to work with the next president, whoever that is, in other ways to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Last week, NBC News projected that Biden had won the presidency, having collected 279 electorial votes, nine more than the required 270. Three states remain too close to call, while President Donald Trump is mounting legal campaigns to challenge the outcome in some swing states.

According to a Nov. 11 report from CNBC, members of Biden’s COVID-19 adivsory team say shutting down businesses for four to six weeks to help drive down the number of new cases.

Reeves, though, said the residents in the Magnolia State cannot shut down their restauarants, gyms or other businesses for the next six weeks, “come back and flip a switch, and everything will be fine,” he said. “That’s not how the economy works.”

The governor also used his press conference to give an update on his family, days after his daughter tested positive for the coronavirus.

He said he and his wife, Elee, have continued to test negative for the virus, and revealed that Mississippi had 1,271 new cases reported Thursday. Wednesday, more than 1,250 tested positive for the virus.

Meanwhile, Reeves said he has signed an additional executive order, extending his previous Safe Recovery Order, and extending or implementing mask mandates for 15 counties.

The order was signed on Tuesday. However, Reeves did not announce it and canceled a press conference that day after finding out his youngest daughter was confirmed positive.

The governor’s comments come hours after State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs announced in a tweet that there are no ICU beds available in Jackson and very few available elsewhere.

During a virtual town hall Thursday, Dobbs urged Mississippians to social distance, wear masks and wash their hands in order to slow the spread of this virus.

Also on Thursday, Germantown High School and the entire Lawrence County School District announced that they will be going virtual due to an increasing number of COVID-19 cases among the students.

Brandon High School will also be going virtual starting Friday, November 13. Students will return after the Thanksgiving holiday.

So far, 3,514 people have died from COVID-19 in Mississippi.

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