Trump Seeking to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden

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President Trump vows to hire Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

President Trump is speaking to advisers about appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings with China.

The news comes as the Justice Department ramps up its investigations into Democratic corruption.

In a statement issued last week, Hunter Biden admitted that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware was investigating his “tax affairs.”

Biden boasted that he was “confident” he handled his affairs “legally and appropriately.”

According to the Associated Press, Trump has spoken with White House Counsel Pat Cippalone and chief of staff Mark Meadows about asking Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to appoint a special counsel.

Rosen is taking over the Justice Department after Trump Attorney General William Barr announced his departure earlier this week. reports: The move could set up a showdown between Trump and his incoming attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen, whom he will likely lobby to follow his wishes.

Special prosecutors are protected by a federal law, making it difficult for a president or attorney general to fire them without severe backlash.

Under the regulations, a special counsel can only be fired by the attorney general for specific reasons such as conflict of interest or misconduct — meaning Biden and his as-yet-unannounced attorney general nominee would not be able to swiftly end the counsel’s investigation into the younger Biden’s business deals overseas.

Calls for a special counsel are gaining steam, with leading Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas last week calling for the Justice Department to appoint a prosecutor before the president-elect is sworn into office Jan. 20.

Barr on Monday announced he was resigning and will serve his last day on Dec. 23 amid lingering tension between him and the president, meaning Trump would need to push Rosen to appoint someone.

Barr recently gave the lead prosecutor investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia probe special prosecutor status, meaning he will be able to carry out his work during the Biden administration.

Trump first called for a special prosecutor to be appointed in the Hunter Biden scandal in October, telling Fox News: “This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election.”

Last week, the younger Biden, 50, acknowledged he was the subject of a federal tax probe by prosecutors in the Delaware Attorney General’s Office.

His shady business dealings in Ukraine and China are reportedly the focus of the probe, which includes emails that were first reported on in damning New York Post stories that were ignored by mainstream media until after the election.


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