Life Jacket ‘Graveyard’ Shows Magnitude Of Refugee Crisis

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Abandoned life jackets pile up in Greece showing the horrific magnitude of the refugee crisis

NBC News reports:

“People are still dying in these waters”: At a dumping ground for lifejackets used by refugees fleeing to Europe in the worst refugee crisis since World War II, American volunteers find fake jackets stuffed with newspaper and floatation devices more suited to kiddie pools than the stormy Mediterranean Sea.

Migrant crisis Drone captures life jacket ‘graveyard’ BBC News

World News YouTube video:

New drone footage has captured the growing pile of lifejackets abandoned by migrants after reaching the Greek island of Lesbos.

It is now more than three metres deep in some places, with boats being added to the pile.


Desperate men, women and children are fleeing wars and injustice seeking shelter in Europe.greece-migrants

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