Authorities To Demolish Florida High School Following Massacre

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Authorities to demolish high school where massacre took place

Authorities in Florida are to demolish Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the massacre on Wednesday that killed 17 students and teachers. 

Florida lawmakers say they want to build a new classroom space and replace the building the murders took place in with a memorial to honor the victims and their families. reports: “This building has to come down,” Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, told the Miami Herald on Friday after visiting the school the day before. He said the horror was palpable.

“Everything was strewn across the halls from people running and dodging and there were significant blood splatters on the wall,” he recalled. “Like someone took a milk jug and exploded it.”

“These kids are not going to go back into that building ever again,” said Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, who was with Galvano. She had encouraged Galvano and Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, to travel from Tallahassee and visit the high school Thursday before attending an evening vigil for victims.

“We need to take a serious look at tearing down that building and build a facility that these kids could return to and be proud of,” Simpson said Friday. Early estimates indicate the cost of a replacement building is between $25 million and $30 million, he said.

“It will still be very difficult for students to return,” Galvano said. “But that particular building should be razed, and the memory of the perpetrator erased and a memorial honoring the victims and their families be put in its place.”

Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie told the Miami Herald on Friday afternoon he agrees that the building, which serves 900 students, should never be reopened.

“Parents and students have told me very clearly they’re not going to go back into that building and I believe they’re right,” he said. “In an ideal world there would be sufficient funding to do a replacement building at a different site on the campus and then erect a memorial on that location.”

Meanwhile, he said the school district was still reviewing its plan for returning students to school, will likely decide on a plan over the next 24 to 48 hours and hopes to announce a decision over the weekend.

The most likely scenario is that teachers would be the first to return in order to give them a day to prepare for the arrival of students, Runcie said.


  1. The shootings were faked, there are no bulletholes or other evidence and kids returning to classes would spot that so the building has to be destroyed. Same thing they did with 911 and Sandy Hook, when the crime crime does not support the crime then destroy all evidence that can reveal the truth. If you lived in a multi million dollar house and someone broke in and shot your dog and cook would you raze the entire building and build a new one at your own expense??? Of course you wouldnt and insurance will not pay for the building to be torn down and rebuilt….taxpayers screwed again!

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