Trans Baby Killer To Receive Taxpayer-Funded Breast Implants At California Women’s Prison

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baby killer

A man who was convicted of beating two of his own young children to death is waiting to receive breast augmentation surgery because he now claims to be transgender.

Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael Hann, began identifying as a woman in 2019, prior to which he had been serving time on death row at California’s San Quentin

Hann is now said to be awaiting the breast surgery after being taken off death row and placed into a women’s prison 

Breitbart reports: When Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order suspending the state’s death penalty while mandating a stay on all executions, authorities then moved Hann into the women’s general prison population after a brief observation period. Four years later, he now stands ready to receive taxpayer-funded surgery to aid in his gender transition despite his horrific crimes. Per Reduxx:

Hann was first arrested after the remains of his 10-week-old daughter, Montana, were discovered stuffed in a tupperware container in Arkansas. The little girl’s body was found in an advanced state of decomposition and had been abandoned onboard an RV trailer once owned by Hann after the vehicle had been repossessed and sent to auction. The buyer of the RV discovered the body in February of 2002, and called police.

Montana’s corpse had been in the plastic tub for approximately one year before she was found, and it was later determined that the baby had died of a fractured skull.

During the course of the subsequent investigation, authorities linked Hann to a storage locker in Arkansas, one they had local police search. A second corpse was then discovered, one belonging to a 6-week-old son Hann was found to have murdered by head trauma in 1999.

At the time of his arrest, Hann had been with his then-partner, Krissy Werntz, who both had custody of a one-year-old who nearly died from severe injuries until authorities gave the child proper medical treatment.

Amie Ichikawa, an incarcerated women’s advocate and founder of the group WomanIIWoman, told Reduxx that authorities quietly moved Hann into the medical unit at the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) earlier this year.

“Incarcerated women have been overlooked and forcibly made to be the losers of every political game possible when legislators need to dump a problem or sweep something under the rug out of the public’s eye,” Ichikawa said.

“Women in prison are now in an environment completely void of the opportunity to rehabilitate. They are in a state of constant hyper-vigilance and the long term affects have resulted in mass CPTSD symptoms,” she continued. “They are quietly watching themselves being erased while men, who have penises, get facial feminization surgeries, laser hair removal, Adams apple reductions … all paid for with your tax dollars.”Ichikawa said that she does not know if Hann has fully transitioned or if he simply wants to augment his breasts.

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