Study: Covid Cases ‘Rising Exponentially’ Among Children & Young Adults In England

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According to a study commissioned by the UK Government, covid-19 cases are “rising exponentially” across England mainly among the younger and mostly unvaccinated age groups.

Infections have reportedly increased by 50% taken between 3 May and 7 June which coincides with the rise of the so called Indian or Delta variant .

New data from nearly 110,000 home swab tests taken between May 20 and June 7 suggests that Covid cases are doubling every 11 days.

MSN reports: The number of COVID-19 cases is doubling every 11 days, according to data from the REACT-1 study by scientists at Imperial College London, who said their findings showed a “rapid switch” from the Alpha variant to Delta.

The figures also show that one in 670 people was infected, with the highest prevalence in the North West.

Stephen Riley, professor of infectious disease dynamics at Imperial and one of the study authors, said the exponential increase in prevalence is being driven by infections among younger people.

The REACT-1 study showed prevalence is highest among those aged five to 12, as well as younger adults aged 18 to 24.

(REACT or REal-time Assessment of Community Transmission is a series of studies that are using home testing to improve our understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing across England.)

Infections in these age groups are about five times higher than in those aged over 65, who are mostly fully vaccinated.

Commenting on the findings, Prof Riley said: “The key thing to point out here is that we are in a very different part of the epidemic in the UK and it is very difficult to predict the duration of the exponential phase.

“Last autumn and last spring… when we started to observe exponential growth – in some ways it was much more alarming because we knew there was very, very little immunity in the population.

“(But now) because of the vaccination (programme), we know there is a lot of immunity in the population.

“Even though there is a lot of immunity, it does not prevent some exponential growth and that is what we are seeing here.”

The scientists said the expansion of the vaccination programme “should help substantially to reduce the overall growth of the epidemic”.


  1. Off cause it did!! The young that was the safest must also get the vaccine or its going to interfere in their plans to enslave us with their vaccine passport. Don’t trust these tests they can tweak the results to show whatever they want them to show.

    • Dead right .And they knew from the start the inventor if the test said it was never intended to ever be used to diagnose any infectious disease because it would give false positives Massive false positives and that’s exactly why they use it

  2. Stop performing the tests and this goes away. Not enough folks/kids end up in the hospital to continue this farce, so if we stop testing it stops.

    • And as the diagnosis of peioke with seasonal flu had reduced to almost zero they’re alleging that’s because people are wearing masks and social distancing, but then in the next breath saying the covid flu is increasing because people arent wearing masks or social distancing No it’s because the tests are lies

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