Ex-CDC Director Warns Elite Used COVID To Rehearse for ‘More Deadly’ Bird Flu Pandemic

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Former CDC director warns elite used Covid has a rehearsal for bird flu pandemic.

Former Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield has warned that the elite used COVID as a rehearsal for a ‘more deadly’ pandemic in the future such as Bird Flu.

Redfield has urged the federal government to declassify its COVID-19 documents and warned Americans Bird Flu will very likely be the next pandemic the elite will use to impose further restrictions on freedoms and use experimental mRNA technology on the masses.

Dr. Redfield revealed he’s seen the classified information, telling viewers, “I’m anxious to see it all declassified.”

Infowars.com reports: Hinting at what the documents would reveal, the doctor said, “Obviously, there’s geopolitical reasons that they’re keeping this classified. I don’t think it’s warranted. It should be declassified.”

Redfield also said it’s “obvious” that COVID-19 was “educated,” or taught how to infect humans via gain-of-function research, by scientists at the Wuhan lab.

Regarding gain-of-function, the doctor explained he’s been calling for a moratorium on the research for years.

“I think it puts our world at great risk. We have a risk of natural spillover, but there is a species barrier. I’m obviously most worried about Bird Flu. Right now, it takes five amino acid change for it to be effectively infecting humans. That’s a pretty heavy species barrier, but this virus is already now in 26 mammal species, as you saw most recently in cattle. But in the laboratory, I could make it highly infectious for humans in months. Because it’s been published which five amino acids I need to change, and so I don’t think that research should be done. That’s the real threat, that’s the real biosecurity threat that these university labs are doing bio-experiments that are INTENTIONALLY modifying viruses – and Bird Flu I think is going to be the cause of the great pandemic – where they are teaching these viruses to be more infectious for humans.

This alarming warning should send shockwaves across the world, and every American should be calling their elected officials to demand an end to gain-of-function research.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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