Global Warming! It’s Currently Too Cold For Electric Buses In Sweden

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The buses are at a stand still due to cold weather

Sweden buses

Sweden is still waiting for global warming according to independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen

Also known as PeterSweden, the freedom loving journalist says that buses are being cancelled as Sweden experiences the coldest weather this century!

He writes: Back in 2006 the media warned us that by 2026 people would have forgotten how to ski because of the lack of snow…

Now it’s being reported that a person living in Arjeplog noted a chillingly cold -49,7C (that’s -57,5 Fahrenheit) on his thermometer before it stopped working when it hit -50C.

This is very close to being the coldest temperature ever recorded in Sweden. The record sits at -52,6C all the way back in 1966.

This cold weather is causing trouble for public transport. You see, the city of Skellefteå where they “only” had -34C this morning, have been investing in electric busses, to save the climate of course! Their goal is to replace all diesel busses with electric as soon as possible.


It turns out that they are having to CANCEL almost all busses today because of the cold weather – The busses have to be parked indoors to warm up.

They say that the electric busses are struggling to keep warm in the cold weather.

“The electric busses will probably be removed from traffic this afternoon because they have very difficult to keep warm when in service…It is clear that the electric busses are affected the most of this extreme cold” said Marie Larsson, CEO at Skellefteå buss.

When asked if diesel busses can manage these kind of temperatures, she answered “Yes. I mean, no busses can handle these kind of temperatures for long…when it is like this for several days, all busses are affected”

So it is too cold for the new electric busses. They invest all this time and money into something that doesn’t work because of the weather.

Electric buses in Norway’s capital city Oslo have also been failing this year due to the cold winter weather.

Seems that some places are in need of global warming so that their electric busses can work properly.

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