Hillary and Obama Refuse To Say ‘Christians’ In Reference to Sri Lanka Bombings

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Prominent liberals including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have refused to identify victims of the Sri Lanka bombings as Christians.

If you relied on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to provide you with the news, you would have no idea that Christians were targeted in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday because of their faith, with at least 290 dead and hundreds more seriously injured.

Instead of referring to the victims by using the powerful word “Christians”, Clinton and Obama chose to refer to them as “Easter worshippers”, which many people believe is an attempt to re-frame the narrative, and avoid presenting Christians as victims of terrorism at the hands of radical Islamists.

Clinton and Obama’s refusal to call the victims “Christians” or “Catholics” has serious repercussions in the real world. “Easter worshippers” was trending on Twitter after Obama and Clinton used the specious phrase instead of Christians to describe the victims.

Soon every liberal wannabe was using the phrase instead of Christians.

Liberals are determined to present Muslims as victims and steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that Christians are often the victims of persecution and terrorism because of their faith.

Clinton and Obama had no problem referring to victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks as Muslims. Clinton even sent her condolences to the entire “Muslim community.”

There were no condolences from Clinton for the “Christian community.” Indeed, she refused to even acknowledge that Christians had been murdered because of their faith.

Why the inconsistency?

Baxter Dmitry
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