Undercover Paedophile Rescues Under Age Girl From Thai Brothel

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A brave dad posed as a paedophile to rescue victims of the under-age sex trade, entrapped in Thailand’s brothels. 

Tony Kirwin set up the Destiny Rescue group of volunteers to rescue under-age girls from brothels. The former electrician who has two daughters of his own set up the organisation 15 years ago after visiting Bangkok. He and his team have rescued over a 1,000 girls from seedy sex dens in five nations: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and India. Recently a Destiny Rescue group agent posed as a depraved Western tourist, as most punters are, and tried to rescue an under-age girl and expose the cruel and manipulative adults behind the sex trade.

The Mirror reports:

In a recent raid, Tony sent out one of his undercover agents to rescue a 15-year-old, with the help of local police.

The agent entered the bar early and waited for the mamasan (the woman in charge of the girls) to ask the teenager to come over and sit with him.

After negotiating a deal, the mamasan then sold the girl to the undercover agent for just AU$120, the equivalent of £56.

The agent says: “The mamasan was more than willing to sell this kid to me for sex.

“I gave her a few thousand baht, she took it from my hand and counted it before turning and walking away without so much as another glance at me, or another thought for what could possibly happen to the child she was selling. Her greed was so evident.”

The whole transaction was filmed on a hidden camera.

The agent then left the bar with the 15-year-old and took her to a nearby hotel.

After entering the room, the police were involved and told they could intervene.


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