10 Things You May Not Know About President Obama

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Barack Obama is one of the world’s most watched and talked about people, yet there are still surprising, little publicized facts about the man out there.

Here are 10 things you may not know about the United States’ 44th president.

Number 10. He and Dick Cheney are distant relatives. Eighth cousins, in fact. According to Lynne Cheney, the ancestor the two men share was French and came to the US in the 17th century.

Number 9. His first date with Michelle was lunch and a movie. It happened in 1989 and the film they saw was Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’. Obama has since thanked Lee for helping him impress the future first lady.

Number 8. Obama is a former Baskin-Robbins employee. He worked at a franchise in Honolulu when he was a teenager.

Number 7. He’s a bit superstitious. The nation’s leader has been known to carry around a few lucky charms. They include a bracelet from a soldier in Iraq, a small Madonna and child medallion, and a lucky chit.

Number 6. Obama and his barber go way back. The same Chicago man has been cutting the president’s hair for around 20 years. Even though Barack is now the leader of the country, the stylist only charges him the regular guy rate of 21 dollars.

Number 5. His grandfather and great grandfather were polygamists. They were both Luo from Kenya, people who commonly took several wives. Obama’s grandfather had 4 brides and his great grandfather had 5.

Number 4. He ate at Tom’s on Broadway before it was cool. Prior to Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza making hanging out at Tom’s a regular, and famous, thing, Barack Obama was a member of the restaurant’s breakfast crowd.

Number 3. He and Michelle met at the office. He was an intern at the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin LLP and she was the associate assigned to advise him.

Number 2. Obama’s animal companion of choice wasn’t always a dog. While he was a child in Indonesia he had a pet ape named Tata.

Number 1. He prefers tea. When it comes time for a toasty beverage the president takes a pass on coffee and reaches for the teapot instead. His favorite is Black Forest Berry.

Which fact about President Obama do you find the most surprising?

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