France Passes Law That Allows Toilets To Be Installed In Kitchens – Video

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France’s government recently decided to simplifying their building regulations, and due to the tossing out of one of them, it will soon be OK to install toilets in kitchens.

Living rooms have also been cleared for the addition of a commode.

Prior to this declaration, putting an open bathroom adjacent to either space was prohibited.

The code being removed from the books uses the phrase ‘direct communication’, meaning that allowing unfettered access between the lavatory and the living spaces must be avoided.

Installing a door was likely one simple way for individuals to stay within the confines of that law.

By throwing out the regulation entirely, however, homeowners, builders, and landlords are now free to install toilets wherever they would like.

Concerns about the ramifications of this have been expressed in the media.

European news site ‘The Local’ quipped that the lifting of the prohibition will likely usher in very creative reinterpretations of what constitutes a viable living space.

They also suggested that anybody looking for property in France do so before December 1st, which is when the new allowance for the unrestricted placement of toilets begins.

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