Police Chief: “Most Drug Addicts Start Off On Prescription Drugs”

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Most drug addicts start of on prescription drugs prescribed by their doctors, a police chief has revealed

Massachusetts city police chief, Leonard Campanello, has publicly spoken out against pharmaceutical companies, blaming them for creating most of the nations drug addicts via prescription drugs. 

Speaking on Facebook, Campanello tagged Big Pharma companies Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly and Co, saying:

Don’t get mad. Just politely ask them what they are doing to address the opioid epidemic in the United States and if they realize that the latest data shows almost 80 percent of addicted persons start with a legally prescribed drug that they make. They can definitely be part of the solution here and I believe they will be … might need a little push.

Washingtonpost.com reports:

The post has since been shared more than 1,500 times.

“I think you are the most caring, empathetic, and human beings for doing this for our children and loved ones that are plagued with this insidious disease!”one commentor wrote.

Within 48 hours, the police chief’s post seemed to be having the desired effect.

Campanello noted that he received a response from Pfizer, which wanted to sit down and chat.

“Pfizer called (honestly),” Campanello posted in a message. “We are meeting with them.

“Addiction is a disease. No way we are arresting someone who comes in for help. No way are we judging anyone. People with addiction are doing their part every day by walking into the police station and asking for help.”

Pfizer confirmed to the Boston Globe that a representative will speak with authorities.

“With your support…this is becoming a change in the conversation,” Campanello wrote. “You all are truly pioneers in this and we are so proud to be part of your voice.”


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