PayPal To Begin Fining Users $2,500 if They Say Negative Things About the Elite

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Paypal begin finding users 2500 dollars for saying negative things about the elite

PayPal has announced plans to begin fining users $2,500 if they say anything that counters the mainstream narrative.

Six months after Biden’s inauguration in 2020, Paypal changed its policy and users were forced to agree to a $2,500 PayPal fine if they violated the PayPal acceptable use policy. reports: The company’s current acceptable use policies are as follows:

On September 26th, the financial service announced some changes to certain agreements.

Starting November 3, 2022, PayPal is expanding the existing list of prohibited activities to include the sending, posting, or publication of messages, content, or materials under its Acceptable Use Policy.

“Violation of this Acceptable Use Policy constitutes a violation of the PayPal User Agreement and may subject you to damages, including liquidated damages of $2,500.00 U.S. dollars per violation, which may be debited directly from your PayPal account(s) as outlined in the User Agreement,” said PayPal.

Users will be subject to a financial penalty if they violate the revised policy in any way, including by spreading false information, engaging in discrimination against the LGBTQ community, posing a risk to user safety, and so on.

Paypal has been on a ban-a-thon recently and has terminated the accounts of a number of campaign organizations. These organizations include the Gay Against Groomers, the Free Speech Union, legal activists Law or Fiction, and the parenting group UsForThem.

It can be recalled that The Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft were banned from Paypal on the last day of 2021 without warning.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 250 websites in the United States today and had over 900,000,000 page views in 2021. We continue to grow despite constant attacks, smears, limited social media, and lawsuits.

We have never violated any of Paypal’s bylaws — BUT we are conservative and Pro-Trump.

They did not give us a reason for the banning. They say, “it’s contractual right to cease doing business with you pursuant to PayPal’s User Agreement.”

Gays Against Groomers (GAG), a group against the sexualization of children, announced on Twitter that they were permanently suspended from payment processors Paypal and Venmo.

The company claimed that GAG violated their user agreements, but failed to say what specific part of the agreement the organization violated.

PayPal UK has recently terminated the accounts of several advocacy groups, including the Free Speech Union, the legal advocacy group Law or Fiction, the parents’ advocacy group UsForThem, and even journalist and FSU founder Toby Young’s personal account, Betanews reported.

Users have expressed their outrage over Paypal’s action and called for a boycott on the social media platform Twitter using the hashtag, #BoycottPayPal.

In July, Governor Ron DeSantis announced his intention to expand his war on “woke ideology” to include financial institutions including banks and credit card companies and money transfer services like PayPal.

Credit card firms and money transfer services would be prohibited from “discriminating” against customers on the basis of their political or religious beliefs un der the proposals, which DeSantis said would comprise a combination of legislative and executive initiatives, Tampa Bay reported.


  1. Pay pal are not to be trusted at all Ebay owed me a refund for items I bought as a guest, they refused to return the money into my card, they said they couldn’t do that, but said they had paid it into my account with pay pal. I don’t have a pay pal account so they said we’ll you have, we’ve created it for you in your email address I contacted pay pal they said they had no account in my email address Ebay said they had The consumer watch dog here investigated and said they couldn’t contact ebay or had only been able to contact a fake ebay site. The bank said they couldn’t do a return or refund from eBay despite having the emails from e Bay saying that had paid the refund, because of bank policies about ebay purchases. They’re all in it together So eBay just kerp the money I investigated that and found its very common and the government’s Attorney Generals are letting them do it globally. Whats in it for them when this would be mlions of dollars every month.And the really interesting thing is the fact that they have these offices which they them tell you aren’t really their offices at all, but fakrs operating from somewhere else that they can’t stop because they don’t know where they are Just like Apple do.

  2. This is a good taste of what it will be like when they destroy the Dollar and go with a programmable digital currency. This is how they will control you.
    you will have to get special permission to buy certain items, not outside you region, not at mom and pop stores only at costco, or walmart.
    This is it, the bible foretold this 2000 years ago, and here it is at our doorstep.

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