Fully Jabbed New Zealanders SEVEN TIMES Sicker This Year than Pre-COVID

Fact checked
Double jabbed New Zealanders are now seven times sicker than pre-pandemic

Fully jabbed New Zealanders are seven times sicker than they were pre-Pandemic, health officials have warned.

Last year the far-left tyrannical Prime Minister of New Zealand told citizens not to visit or talk to their friends and family after one case of COVID was detected.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern enacted the most draconian restrictions in the world last year.

Now the country has SEVEN TIMES the sickness they had in 2019.

Will Jacinda Ardern ever be held accountable?


  1. I read a fascinating article about bringing back the Thylacines or marsupial tigers that were wiped out in those islands. Maybe the Jabs will make room!

  2. *Nobody* will be held accountable for the biggest terror assault & mass murder since WWII.
    Now politicians, doctors and statisticians are totally surprised how many more people die since 2020 and they are totally PUZZLED how that could happen!

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