Video: Labour Peer Accuses Cameron Of Lying About Tax Credits

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Peer lays into Prime Minister on tax credits: 'The public cannot take this scale of lying'

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As the Tory Government was delivered a crushing below over tax credits in the House of Lords, David Cameron was accused of lying by Lord Dale Campbell-Savours.

The former Labour MP accused the Prime Minister of deliberately misleading the public and lying when he promised before the election in May that tax credits would not be cut.

Total Politics reports: Ahead of the key vote on whether the reforms should be either scrapped or delayed, Labour peer Lord Campbell-Savours did not bite his tongue:

“The British public would regard what he said now as a lie, a lie to win the general election. The British public are fed up with politicians who tell lies on that scale.

“It was a lie, it exceeded the misleading of the public in the case of the Liberal Democrats on tuition fees; at least they didn’t know what was going to come after the election where they misled the public.

“But in this particular case Mr Cameron did know. And they set out to avoid revealing the fact by hiding behind the statement that they would have to make substantial cuts.

“I believe that those lies trump all the constitutional niceties, whether they be financial privilege or the fatality of amendments…

“The public cannot take this scale of lying.”

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