New Migrant Caravan Starts Its Journey From Honduras To US Border

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migrant caravan

A new migrant caravan has started its journey North from Central America with the aim of reaching the US-Mexico border.

The caravan was formed just days ago as several hundred migrants left San Pedro Sula in Honduras, according to a report from Telesur TV .

Breitbart reports: The group is preparing to cross into Guatemala despite claims by that country’s government that irregular migration will not be allowed. The Guatemalan government issued an order this week allowing the use of force to contain the caravan, the TV station reported.

The new caravan comes as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving each day. The surge appears to be largely fueled by the arrival of President Joe Biden and commonly held hopes that asylum determinations will be more favorable.

Last month, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador publicly blamed Biden for the migration spike which is also impacting Mexican efforts to contain the situation. Lopez Obrador deployed 8,700 soldiers to key areas along human smuggling routes in the country.


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