Hollywood Celebs To Lead The World In Fighting “Climate Change”

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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda will lead Hollywood celebrities in a Summit to push climate change content into films and TV to help ‘influence’ audiences around the world

She and other Hollywood heavyweights will be jetting into Los Angeles on Wednesday for a special three-day summit designed to show how the entertainment industry can lead the world in tackling “climate change.”

The Hollywood Climate Summit will unite “thousands” of filmmakers with scientists and activists in a bid to “change the industry’s culture and to encourage movies and TV shows to use their outsized influence on audiences around the world” according to a report by AFP

Hollywoods outsize influence will come through increased efforts to subtly insert climate-related words, messages and phrases into TV and film scripts.….

Summit co-founder and TV writer Ali Weinstein said “Hollywood is an extremely powerful industry. We are on the precipice of cultural change in many ways”

Britbart reports: The gathering follows a recent study by the Norman Lear Center and Good Energy found the climate crisis was “virtually nonexistent” in scripted entertainment, the AFP report sets out.

It notes fewer than three percent of around 37,000 TV and film scripts made since 2016 mentioned “any climate-related keywords,” and only 0.6 percent used the words “climate change.”

This is now set to change.

“We see this as a huge problem because, for the most part, people on average spend more time with television and film characters than they do with their own families,” fellow summit co-founder Heather Fipps said.

“It is really important for us to steep our fictional worlds in our reality.”

Weinstein added: “Every single person on earth is being affected by the climate crisis in some way. If we’re not showing that in our day-to-day content, that content is science fiction.”

The summit sees “Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson join “Everything Everywhere” directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert in a keynote discussion, before Fonda calls on the industry to battle new fossil fuel developments in California.

Oscar-nominated “Everything Everywhere” star Stephanie Hsu will join a talk on the need for different generations to openly discuss climate change.

Another panel will address the role of unscripted shows, including reality TV, in portraying climate issues.

The renewed climate push in Hollywood comes after a study in 2019 showed Hollywood celebrities and business leaders have carbon footprints up to 300 times bigger than the rest of us, as Breitbart News reported.

The study highlighted the hypocrisy of those who promote climate change activism while at the same time refusing to set foot on a regular commercial flight.

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