Biden Told NOT To Talk About His Own Record But To Attack Trump During Debate

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Joe Biden

Democratic Party leaders have advised Biden’s reelection campaign to avoid trying to tout the president’s supposed accomplishments and instead focus on attacking his challenger Donald Trump.

According to CNN Several top Democrats have issued “stark warnings” to Biden’s team, telling them that efforts to promote the president’s policy record are “not resonating with voters”.

One of the unidentified advisers told the media outlet: “He wants credit, but it’s not working…..He needs to stop.”

RT reports: Biden has notoriously and untruthfully claimed that he was arrested while trying to see Nelson Mandela, apprehended as a civil rights activist, had an uncle who was eaten by cannibals and used to drive an 18-wheel truck. All have been proven false by fact checkers. 

The tactic comes as Biden prepares for Thursday’s presidential election debate with Trump, which CNN will host. Speaking on condition of anonymity, four Democrats close to the White House said they had urged Biden to spend his time on the debate stage emphasizing Trump’s potential faults.

Biden has been preparing for the debate at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland since last Friday with his former White House chief of staff, Ron Klain.

In April, Klain reportedly said the president was spending too much time trying to promote his accomplishments on infrastructure projects, rather than connecting with voters on their more pressing concerns. “Klain gets it,” one of the Democrat advisers told CNN.

Polling suggests that voters trust Trump more than Biden when it comes to their top-priority issues. An ABC News/Ipsos poll released last month showed that Americans have more confidence in Trump when it comes to inflation and economic policies, by a margin of 14 percentage points.

In recent weeks, the Biden campaign has focused largely on attacking Trump, claiming that the ex-president is a “threat to democracy” and will take away abortion rights from American women. Biden and his allies also have tried to hammer Trump as a convicted felon, following a New York City jury verdict last month finding him guilty of falsifying business records.

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