The Pope Joins Forces With Disney To Produce Documentary

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Pope and Disney

Pope Francis has partnered with the Walt Disney Company, to produce a docu-drama in which he says using dating apps like Tinder is “normal”.

During the the 83-minute Spanish-language documentary titled “The Pope Answers”, the pontiff also insists that “the true Church is on the peripheries.”

The documentary featuring conversation between the Pope and ten young people, was released on April 5 on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Breitbart reprts: In the dialogue, the pope answers questions on contemporary issues such as sexual identity, feminism, abortion, migration, abuse, loss of faith, racism, the role of women and more. The young people are all Spanish speakers between the ages of 20 and 25, hailing from Spain, Senegal, Argentina, the United States, Peru, and Colombia.

The documentary, which was filmed in June 2022 in Rome’s Pigneto district, touches on a number of the pope’s favorite themes, such as immigration.

Speaking of repatriation of illegal migrants, Francis noted that “this happens today, it happens at the borders of Europe, and sometimes with the complicity of some authorities who send them back.”

“There are countries in Europe — I don’t want to name them so as not to create a diplomatic incident —that have small towns or villages that are almost empty, countries where there are only twenty old people and unfarmed fields,” he said. “And these countries, which are experiencing a demographic winter, do not even welcome migrants.”

During the conversation, a Spanish girl named Celia tells the pope that she is non-binary and Christian, explaining that “a non-binary person is one who is neither man nor woman, or, at least, not all the time,” and goes on to ask if there is room in the Church for sexual and gender diversity.

“Every person is a child of God, every person,” he answers. “God does not reject anyone, God is Father. And I have no right to expel anyone from the Church. Not only that, my duty is always to welcome. The Church cannot close the door to anyone. To no one.”

The Walt Disney Company has come under fire for sexually grooming young people, a practice that Disney officials have publicly admitted.

In a 2022 video call, Disney executive Latoya Raveneau bragged about her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and her ongoing campaign to place LGBT couples and innuendo in Disney’s animated movies.


  1. It’s too much too simplify but I will say I have always felt the Church was not what it seems.
    And that goes for all religions.

  2. There’s more grooming going on in American churches than there is at Disney.

    Not even close.

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