AOC Accuses GOP Of Implementing A ‘Fascist Takeover of US Statehouses’

Fact checked

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused the GOP of fascism.

AOC made her comments during CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” following the expulsion of two Black legislators from the Tennessee House of Representatives that she claimed was part of a larger Republican-led “fascist takeover of our statehouses.”

Breitbart reports: Cooper said, “I wanted to ask you about what we saw in Tennessee last night. Three legislators who took part in a protest on the floor of the statehouse, not with protesters, but on the actual floor. They had a bullhorn which clearly a violation of the rules of decorum. Not something legislators normally do, or would, you know, make sense to have legislators do for good order of actually hearing people’s arguments? That being said, the punishment for two of them was to be expelled. How do you see that? Do you think that really was about the rules of decorum or something else?”

Ocasio-Cortez said, “We know that that it absolutely was not.”

She continued, “This is about the fascist takeover of our state houses that Republicans have invested in in the last several decades.”

Ocasio-Cortez added, “This is about a naked abuse of power. This is about disenfranchising Democrats in states where there is extreme levels of voter suppression, and it was also about racism. It was deeply about racism, from the comments the absolutely disrespectful and denigrating comments made to the Black members of the Tennessee House to the fact that they that these Republicans voted to expel, after charging three of these members, they expelled two Black male legislators, and they voted to acquit in a way, or they voted to not expel the sole white woman, Rep. Gloria Johnson, who has been a phenomenal ally.”

She concluded, “There is no defense, and we have not heard any rational explanation for why that is, and it’s so important that we recognize this for what it is and that we see this for what it is because if we do not, then we will not take the proper actions to stop it.”

AOC is facing backlash for a tweet which some are saying is “inciting violence.”

Ocasio-Cortez shared video on Twitter which showed protesters chanting “F— you fascists” to GOP lawmakers following the expulsion vote.


  1. Another disingenuous deceiver who is not what she seems. Anyone with eyes to see understands that the entire American dream was a fabrication designed to deceive the world
    Disney land as the Magical Kingdom symbolised its childhood programming. The fact its a corporation, all of them America Disney everything, all subjects to the King of the Holy See who plays the opposite of the most Powerful man in the world sums it all up.

  2. You better be thankful those idiots got off that easy you little twit. If they were conservatives, they would already be in the DC Gulag with the J6 political prisoners.

  3. She’s incredibly dumb Everyone knows the FASCISTS we’re General Franco and Mussolini and they were both Catholics just like Biden. Everyone with the least education possible knows fascism Catholic.

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