‘CNN Is Fake News!’ CNN Drops Live Shot Outside Supreme Court After Crowd Turns Against Them

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A crowd of patriots interrupted a CNN live broadcast outside the Supreme Court on Saturday, chanting “CNN is fake news!” until Wolf Blitzer was forced to tell the reporter “to stand by” because “we can barely what you’re saying because of the crowd behind you.”


Just shy of 20 minutes after the Rose Garden ended, Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer threw to de Vogue:

I want to bring in our Supreme Court correspondent — reporter Ariane de Vogue, first. Ariene, we heard the President say she will decide cases based on the Constitution as written. And then we heard Judge Coney Barrett saying she will — the law must be applied as written. So explain to our viewers what’s behind those specific words, where she’s coming from and what we would anticipate if she does become a justice on the Supreme Court over the next 30 or 40 years.

Newsbusters report: De Vogue got maybe three words out before the crowd took over with one man shouting, CNN is fake news.” After that, CNN lost control of the situation.

She tried to add that she just wanted to say that while were here, the crowd behind us, Trump supporters, started chanting, ‘6-3,’” but that was drowned out by some cold, hard facts: “Yes! Fake news, CNN! Fake news! You’re fake!  CNN is fake news. Fake news! Fake news, CNN!”

Reacting to the heckling, the CNN journalist told Blitzer: You can hear we’re getting a little bit of commentary here. There’s a crowd of Trump supporters.”

Blitzer retook the scene, telling de Vogue “to stand by because we can barely what you’re saying because of the crowd behind you and [m]aybe if you have a hand-held mic, maybe we can — we’ll be able to appreciate what you’re saying.

This wasn’t the first time a CNNer has been heckled while on the air. Most notably, carnival barker and chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was shouted down on June 25 and July 31, 2018, leaving Acosta petrified.

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